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Replay – The Star Fox Spectacular

by Kyle Hilliard on Apr 22, 2016 at 03:00 PM

Star Fox's legacy spans more than 20 years across four consoles and two handhelds. On this episode we look nearly every adventure the space-faring Fox and his team have experienced.

Unlike the typical episode of Replay where we look at two games, today we look at a total of five games. We skipped Star Fox 64, but that's only because we spent a whole episode on that game about a year ago, which you can find here. We start the with the 1993 technical showcase, Star Fox on the Super Nintendo and follow up with the two GameCube games, Star Fox Adventures and Star Fox: Assault, and finish out the episode with the two handheld Star Fox titles, Command and 64 3D.

The episode serves as a showcase for how the series has evolved since its debut in 1993, and even shows off an oft-forgotten feature of Star Fox Command: The ability to create your own classic Star Fox-style gibberish voices.

For our thoughts on Star Fox Zero, the game whose release today inspired us to look back on the series, head here for Jeff Cork's review.

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