Your April Fools' Day 2016 Round-Up [Update]

by Game Informer Editorial on Apr 01, 2016 at 12:06 PM

Did someone say your shoes were untied this morning? Did you get into work and find your keyboard's buttons had been rearranged? On the way to work, did someone honk at you and yell that you almost hit their car? Don't worry! Check the date!

They were all just (probably) making hilarious April Fools' Day japes. If you follow the games industry, you know that companies like to have fun today, too, with fake announcements and things that might almost pass for humor if you squint hard enough.

We're rounding up everything we find today, and putting it in one place for you. Be sure to check back throughout the day, because the jokes don't show any signs of letting up.

League Of Draven
Draven. Oh, Draven. As an April Fools' "gift," Draven will now replace every hero's head in League of Legend game modes: blind pick normals, ARAM, and Twisted Treeline. This post sums up the depth of Draven's character pretty poignantly. For more information about Draven Day 2016, click here

Disney Infinity Smell FX
Now you can smell all your favorite Disney characters, from the soil-scented Spot to the carroty Judy Hopps. These actually remind us of the weird scratch-and-sniff stickers that were included in the original big-boxed release of EarthboundCheck out Disney Infinity’s Twitter for the complete list of fragrance-infused figurines.

Worms Dating Revolution
A new Worms dating sim from Team 17 proves there’s more to life than just fighting. Look, after Hatoful Boyfriend, this honestly doesn’t seem that crazy.

Diablo Products On Sale Today Only
What a weird coincidence that on April Fools a bunch Diablo products have a one-day-only sale! Click here to get in on hot deals including: Henri's perquisition cat harness, hammer pajammers, and a cow portal pillow.

Big's Big Fishing Adventure 3: The Trial 
Sonic the Hedgehog’s infamous Twitter account posted a link to the latest masterpiece from fake studio Sega of Virgin Islands, and it's called Big’s Big Fishing Adventure 3: The Trial. It’s one of those games that defies explanation and demands experience.

Introducing ChocoGo
ChocoGo is the 100 percent green, chocobo-driven transport initiative from Square Enix. Just load up the ChocoGo app and you’ll be connected with giant chicken-like monstrosities in your area. Move over, Uber: The future of ridesharing is here.

Dark Souls III – The Movie 
Bandai Namco reimagines Dark Souls III as a straight-to-tape action movie that would make Steven Seagal proud. Joke or not, we’re still drooling over that mock-up VHS cover art.

Sony Develops The World’s First Ghost Catching Device - The Proton Pack™
Sony is developing a slime-resistant Proton Pack complete with a conspicuous trademark symbol. This is big news, not only confirming that ghosts are real, but that they can be busted before a city threatening crisis breaks loose. 

Star Wars - Fury Of Maul
This is one of those April Fools' jokes that tries to legitimately trick fans. A Netflix original series detailing the backstory of Darth Maul sounds great on paper, and the trailer actually has decent production values. Hopefully this one didn't get too many people's hopes up. Maybe next time elect to have a gritty Netflix reboot about Jar Jar Binks' troubled past.

Samsung Announces The Internet Of Trousers
Imagine being saved from the embarrassment of walking around with your fly down. With Samsung's new smart-fashion line, this will be a problem of the past. The Internet of trousers' Wi-Fly feature promptly sends messages to your smartphone whenever you leave the bathroom with the ol' zipper down. You can check out the smart-jean's other features here

Orcs Must Die Unchained Bunch-A-Hunks Skin Pack
Robot Entertainment announced a set of Magic Max-themed skins for their upcoming MOBA. We never thought we would use the phrase “hunky cyclops,” but April Fools changes everything.

Deus Ex's New Art Direction
The developers behind Deus Ex: Mankind Divided decided that the black and gold aesthetic of their previous game is a little drab. They decided in a heated board meeting that pink and white is the best possible direction.

Hearthstone: The MMO
Have you ever wanted to see all your favorite Hearthstone characters in a fully 3D MMO? Now you can—and you could back in 2004, too

Azeroth TV 
World of Warcraft is coming to your television screen soon. With promising programs like the cooking show Cleaved and auction-centered Void Storage Wars, Azeroth TV looks to be fun for the whole family.

World of Warcraft: Legion Patch Notes
Blizzard has some…interesting updates planned for the latest World of Warcraft expansion. At least we can take solace in the knowledge that Darkmoon Rabbits are cute.

Google Cardboard Plastic
Now that the year of VR is finally upon us, companies are doling out some innovative takes on the emerging technology. Google announced what might be the most immersive technology of the bunch with Google Cardboard Plastic. This head mounted display is cast in completely clear plastic, and will be the only one that delivers perfect 20/20 resolution with native 360 degree sound. 

Outlast 2 Gets New ESRB Rating
Developer Red Barrels has decided to change the rating of Outlast 2 after the original horror games in the series garnered some backlash. You can see the developer's statement here

“Arma” Eau de Combat - The New Fragrance For Players
Bohemia Interactive announced a perfume boasting an “unapologetic blend of florals, with a touch of soft gunpowder aroma,” sure to bolster your confidence and confuse your enemies. Watch the trailer here

Cyber-Baby Invasion Of AdventureQuest 3D
Apparently my phobia of Super Baby Geniuses just flared up, because Artix Entertainment announced that its upcoming MMORPG AdventureQuest 3D has been commandeered by “cyber-babies.” In addition to ruining the game, the babies also somehow mucked up Artix website with some crayons.

Butt Pose Victory Animations Coming to Black Desert Online
Poking fun at the recent controversy over Overwatch’s Tracer, Daum Games announced that Black Desert Online will get butt pose victory animations in PvP mode. The first round of butt poses is free, but naturally, players will have to pay extra to download a wider range in the future.

Stronghold Successfully Ported To Nokia 3310
Firefly Studios has decided to bring their medieval castle sim to everyone’s favorite brick phone, the Nokia 3310. You can see the “demake” in action here

The Dogvision
When society crumbles, the only remaining hope is a tactical team of canines wearing adorable beanie caps. We’re excited for PvP fetch in the Bark Zone. 

Next: More implausible jokes and announcements ahead. 


Logitech G900P Pizza
Logitech unveiled a new mouse, outfitted with a dedicated pizza ordering button smack-dab in the center (a feature that actually wouldn't be unwelcome). Game Fuel not included.

Razer Project Breadwinner
If you're looking for some delicious #branding to add to your kitchen, Razer has your back. I'm not sure what the specs of my toaster are, but I could maybe use an upgrade?

Dragon Age Inquistion: How It Could Have Ended
BioWare published a pun-filled, spoiler-riffic video detailing some of the ways Dragon Age: Inquisition might have ended. Watch it here

GeForce GTX Energy Drink
Have you ever tried PC gaming after drinking a few too many energy drinks? Then you know the chest-stinging pain that comes when you overclock your heart with caffeine and whatever "guarana" is. GeForce GTX energy drink probably won't solve the weird heart palpitations I've been having. 

The Witcher III: Wild Hunt-Roach 
Geralt’s loyal steed Roach has been the glitched-out star of many YouTube compilations . This video from CD Projekt Red details all the effort it took to make sure Roach was buggy enough to rise to stardom.

Alienware Alpha Portable
The Alienware Alpha is a compact PC that runs games using Windows 10. Apparently, Alienware thought it was a good idea to super glue Velcro straps to make it "portable." You can hear a heartfelt pitch for the new technology here