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Unboxing The Newest Kingdom Hearts Riku Figure From Play Arts

by Kimberley Wallace on Mar 27, 2016 at 10:00 AM

Over the next weeks, new Kingdom Hearts figures from Play Arts are debuting. We recently looked at the new Halloween Town Sora, so this week we're giving Riku his time to shine.

This is the grown-up version of Riku, so naturally he's a bit taller than the Sora figure, measuring at W 3.15” x D 2.6” x H 9." Riku comes out a little later than Sora, releasing on April 15.

On the box Riku looks ready for action, but let's see what happens when we open it...

Riku comes with his trusty keyblade and three different hands that you can switch up to let him pose with it. 

Riku finally made it out of the box! For now, he's just chilling with no need for his keyblade...

While he waits, let's just an up-close look at his keyblade.

Now he's ready for battle!

Or to just pose with Sora!

If you're interested in making Riku a part of your collection, you can pre-order the figure at Square Enix's store.

You can also check out our unboxing video of the new Sora (Halloween Town) figure here