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gdc 2016

Twitch Integration Puts Viewers In The Game

by Daniel Tack on Mar 15, 2016 at 09:51 AM

People often have their favorite streamers to watch and gaming personalities to follow, but new development possibilities are taking place that allow viewer participation to get those hordes of fans and watchers into the action. Utilizing account level experience points and other perks, viewers will soon be able to actually have real power in what’s happening on stream. Three games at GDC 2016 showcased some of the new potential of Twitch-integrated games.

It’s sort of like Cards Against Humanity, with each player selecting cards that he or she thinks will make the most powerful combo. Iconic figures like Chuck Norris, Cthulu, Loki, and He-Man face off with an arsenal of other wild and often hilarious powers and weapons, like catarangs. After the crowd sees who’s fighting who, they can start to build hype for their favorite via the chat, with the hype levels building into visible power for the favored card. Streamers make their cases as to why their particular combo is the most compelling, and after a few minutes it’s time to vote, with the crowd favorite taking down the opposing card. This goes on for a bit, tournament style, with both viewers and streamers accumulating experience points as they play. I can already tell this one is going to be a big winner at the Game Informer office with editors squaring off.

Imagine a third-person shooter where the viewers have control over what’s happening in the environment, from flaming floors to crazy jumps and ammunition, viewers can make lunacy happen for those playing the game. We didn’t get to see too much  of this one, but it looks like a lot of fun to dish out punishment to your favorite streamers.

Schell Games is really going for gold with this one, a tactical-style role-playing board game where streamers face off – with the audience as their armies! Viewers gain experience playing, and through level ups and stat gains, streamer’s biggest fan will also quickly become their most powerful soldier. The core rules are simple strategy fare and support a variety of classes like fighters and gunners, with players making all their decisions in just a few minutes before locking in. Turns take place simultaneously, so everyone gets to see the action play out at the same time.

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