Try Out Game Informer's Custom Hitman Contract: The Ultimate Punchline

by Jeff Marchiafava on Mar 11, 2016 at 12:37 PM

We took advantage of Hitman's Contracts mode to create a challenge for the G.I. community. See if you can transform Agent 47 into a serial comedian by pulling off The Ultimate Punchline.

Readers can compete in the custom mission in the PlayStation 4 version of Hitman, but the challenge starts before the Contract even begins – because Hitman Episode 1 launched without a search function for Contracts mode(!), just finding the challenge might take some digging. To play along, head to the "Latest Contracts" tab and scroll through until you find the one entitled "G.I. Challenge: The Ultimate Punchline" (the thumbnail is a picture of an elderly chef, one of several targets you will be hunting down).

Once you find the contract, the challenge is quite simple. Here's the setup: A chef, a fashion model, a reporter, and a wealthy sheik walk into a museum. Then Agent 47 kills them! Can I get a rimshot?

The four targets are spread throughout the sprawling museum's floors, and to make things more challenging, you're only allowed to use one kitchen knife – the game actually says you can use any lethal melee weapon (another shortcoming of Contracts mode that wasn't present in Absolution), but it should be a kitchen knife, and you'll only be cheating yourself if you stray from the plan. Also, make sure to hide all the bodies – that's what a professional serial comedian would do!

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