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Blog Herding – The Best Blogs Of The Community (March 10, 2016)

by Game Informer Editorial on Mar 10, 2016 at 07:11 AM

This week was another exceptional one for Blog Herding, with posts running the gamut of super serious and personal to funny and witty. Dive in!

Community Blogs For March 3 – March 10:

To My Grandmother 
Craigaleg gets personal on us, writing about his grandmother, Pokémon, and death. Our family members shape us in so many ways that even years later we can feel the ramifications of such choices. If it wasn't for my mother, I never would have even played a Game Boy. Or felt what it's like to get crushed in Kirby's Avalanche, relentlessly and with glee. Thanks, Mom.   

My Confusion Over Completion Percentages
Blogger Rebekah Lang has a bone to pick with game completion percentages. Specifically, how in the heck they actually work. The numbers seem arbitrary. Has anyone else ever wondered about this?  

My 5 Best Virtual Friends (BVFF as I like to call them) 
Dalin Briggs presents us with a list of besties. It is only natural that Dog Meat makes the list. I mean, look at that cute, cuddly face! Who's a good boy? WHO'S A GOOD BOY?! Some of my other favorite virtual friends are my Final Fantasy Tactics warmongers. That group has been through it all.  

My Thoughts On The March 2016 Nintendo Direct 
Justin Mikos gives his pennies on the latest round of Nintendo announcements. Overall it was a good Nintendo Direct, but we both wanted to see more of the upcoming Zelda game. But there were a lot of interesting announcements and details for even the sternest Nintendo hater.  

Books That Should Be Games 
Avid reader Jonathon Garrard chooses some books that are in need of a video game counterpart (or at least a better one, as in the case of "The Hunger Games"). I'd like to add Brandon Sanderson's recently completed Reckoners series. I still have all the feels flowing through me from that one.  

Writing Challenge Responses:

Community Writing Challenge: The Unsung Heroes at Psyonix 
Cru Hunter writes about Psyonix. You know it. The dev that made games for 16 years. No? The Rocket League team. Ah, now you know it. Give this blog a read to see just how involved this developer has been with a number of heavy-hitting series. I was definitely surprised.   

Community Writing Challenge: Atlus's Unsung Work 
GerardoExber's choice may seem odd, but chances are you either own every Atlus game, or only know of Persona. I've been an Atlus fan for a very long time, so this blog is very near and dear to me. Definitely seek out Kartia: The Word of Fate. It's a classic.

Community Reviews:

Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy Review – Legendarily Boring 
TheDarkestLink takes the professor for a spin and doesn't like it. This is a very in-depth look at a stumble from the beloved series. The game ultimately disappoints our blogger, which is unfortunate. Here's hoping the next game reviewed is more satisfying.  

Community Writing Challenge:

Let's do what we did once before: ask for community challenges. If you have an idea for a community writing challenge, leave it in the comments below. While I like to think I've got a large, creative bag of challenges that even Nabbit would be jealous of, I want to hear from everyone on what our community should be writing about!

Community Playdate:

This week we'll take a hiatus from playing games. Well, at least together, anyway. Catch up on those backlogs!

I hope you enjoy the blogs! Please contact me via my Game Informer page or on Twitter at @LouisGarcia12 with any blog news or playdate suggestions.