GI Game Club – Final Fantasy VII: Session 2

by Joe Juba on Feb 17, 2016 at 08:30 AM

A little while ago, we started a Game Club here at GI to play games and talk about them with our (super-cool) community. The inaugural game for the project is Final Fantasy VII, and we’ve already had one discussion about the opening hours – up until the party leaves Midgar. Now we’re gearing up for our second in-depth session.

Mark your calendars, because the next GI Game Club session is happening on February 25, airing again as a segment in the Game Informer Show podcast. By the way, if you missed the first installment, you can watch it here. For the next part, we’re going to be discussing everything up to the end of disc one (i.e. through the events at the City of the Ancients).

Like last time, we have a few conversation topics to think about as you play through the game with us:

  • What are your thoughts on the story’s momentum after Midgar? Does it do enough to sustain your interest? 
  • The flashback in Kalm finally gives players a detailed look at Sephiroth, who you spend the whole disc hunting down. How does he stack up as a nemesis compared to other villains, and why? 
  • Do you like the designs of the various towns? Does each one feel interesting and distinct? Which one is your favorite? 
  • You gain various vehicles throughout the course of the adventure. Do they make exploring more fun? 
  • How does the Golden Saucer fit with the tone of the rest of the game?
  • Lots of modern RPGs have done away with the concept of an overworld map. What works (and what doesn’t) about this feature? 
  • Some serious stuff happens at the end of disc one. If this is your first time playing the game, how did the events affect you? If you’re re-playing, what do you remember about your original thoughts on this sequence?

Of course, you can just use these subjects as a starting point; we’re interesting in hearing any of your insights, questions, and observations. Send your comments to podcast@gameinformer.com, and we might address them directly during our discussion.

Thanks for being a part of this! The GI Game Club wouldn’t exist without your enthusiasm and participation!

Also, remember that we are doing a live chat in the days following the broadcast, where we expand the conversation and talk in real-time. For an archive of our first live chat, head to page 2.

[3:00 pm] gameinformer: Welcome, everybody. This is our first run at a live chat for our new Game Club. I'm Matt Miller, and I'll be moderating today's discussion until around 4pm CT. Make sure and check out the rules and chat guidance in the upper right of this page before posting.

[3:00 pm] gameinformer: I want to start with something that came up in our podcast discussion -- was Final Fantasy VII particularly important to any of you in your gaming lives?

[3:02 pm] gameinformer: And while we're at it, I'm curious for how many of you this was the first time you played Final Fantasy VII, or if you're returning to an old favorite?

[3:03 pm] CKochon: FF7 was the first game that made me realize games could be HUGE. I'd played 4 and 6 before but they never felt as massive as 7 did. After that I did everything I could to seek out large, meaty games. I've played every main entry FF game since. And this is probably my 7th or 8th playthrough of FF7 :)

[3:03 pm] KelEl14: This is my 3rd play through of the game. This is one of the games that made me a gamer.

[3:04 pm] gameinformer: @CKochon Thanks for stepping in for our first comment. Eight playthroughs is a lot. What keeps you coming back?

[3:04 pm] CaKarst: Hey y'all! 7 was the first time I really realized how fun playing through a single player RPGS could be with a friend. My older cousin and I started a tradition with FFVII, playing all the PSX FF together. So I do have fond memories of the game.

[3:04 pm] Marcus: This is also my 3rd playthrough. I finished it the first time in middle school and tried playing it a second time in college and got halfway through the game and life caught up.

[3:05 pm] gameinformer: So, @KelEl14, I had a similar experience. FF VII went a long way to transforming me from a guy who liked games to self-identifying as a gamer. Why do you think it had that effect on us?

[3:06 pm] CaKarst: I've played the first 4-5 hours many times so I'm excited to get to the rest. I've played through the game 4 or 5 times, I believe, but it's been a good 5 years.

[3:06 pm] gameinformer: I completely identify with your experience @CaKarst , playing games like this with family or friends can leave a lasting impression.

[3:06 pm] Adam S.: Hi everyone. This is my second play through. FFVII was seminal for me also- a glimpse of what was possible.

[3:06 pm] CKochon: I'll be the first to admit that nostalgia is a HUGE factor but 7 sets a tone so well I just find it such a seamless experience especially compared to most JRPGs of the era. It's a game that requires such little grinding and back then load times weren't a thing that were something to be identified as a crutch...yet.

[3:07 pm] KelEl14: @gameinformer My first time was in college and I too played with a friend about 5 or so years after the game came out. I enjoyed games growing up but never thought of it more than a hobby. This game was just so massive and exciting that it completely changed my gaming viewpoint.

[3:07 pm] Marcus: I think it was like you said in the podcast....it was just that time of our life when anime was getting big and this was very much so at the time a true Japanese game. The angst one felt during that time meshed well with the angst cloud was experiencing. He didn't know himself and neither did we.

[3:07 pm] Randolph Sparks: Haven't played this in well over a decade, its an odd mixture of some things aging better than i was expecting and some things aging worse

[3:08 pm] DerrekH: This was a game that my younger cousin and I poured so many hours into it we maxed out the game timer. First time I had ever put that much into a game back when I was probably 10-11. It was also the first game I wanted to make sure I did everything and that culminated in Knights of the Round. Was the best feeling of my young gaming life. Didn't even realize it was a 3 minute summon i loved it so much

[3:08 pm] gameinformer: @Randolph Sparks brings up an interesting angle. Playing the game now is certainly a mix of really amazing things (especially in the historical context) and some not so great things. Whether you're replaying or playing for the first time, what were some of the things in these early hours that you liked THE LEAST?

[3:08 pm] CKochon: Oh yeah piggybacking on @CaKarst this game was a HUGE bonding experience for me and my cousin. We played the game with each other passing the controller constantly. One of us playing while the other navigates the strategy guide.

[3:08 pm] Thunder: This was my first time playing through FFVII. Been loving it so far. I thought the motorbike sequence was pretty cool, and the boss music is AWESOME.

[3:08 pm] Randolph Sparks: I didn't play it as soon as it came out, it was around 2000ish I think, it was close to when the PS2 was coming out, didn't yet have one at the time but I was able to get a bunch of PS one games cheap and this was one of them

[3:09 pm] Randolph Sparks: The motorcycle sequence really made me want to play some road rash!

[3:09 pm] gameinformer: lol about Road Rash nostalgia

[3:09 pm] KelEl14: Road Rash was great! Was that before or after this game?

[3:10 pm] KelEl14: Who copied who?

[3:10 pm] gameinformer: The first Road Rash predated FF VII by several years.

[3:10 pm] azianperc: What I didn't like, and I think you touched on it during the GI Show really well, was that the pre-rendered background vs character model can make it a bit confusing. I liked the person that wrote in about having this on a more powerful system and how that may make the difference more noticeable

[3:11 pm] gameinformer: It's amusing to imagine a bunch of Square developers in Japan playing that EA game and then trying to sneak that feeling into their big game. I guess we'll never know if that happened.

[3:11 pm] DerrekH: @gameinformer That sneaking mission through shinra headquarters was brutal. I didn't remember running the characters between the statues at all. Took me like 4-5 tries.

[3:11 pm] Randolph Sparks: My least favorite thing in the beginning was when you needed to get a battery to start up the fan, the game tells you nothing about where to find one and it was driving me nuts

[3:12 pm] gameinformer: @azianperc Yeah, it really is more noticeable now how the pre-rendered stuff looks different from the hand-drawn content. When I originally played the game in the 90s, it never crossed my mind.

[3:12 pm] azianperc: I've had moments where I had a bit of frustration of not being sure whether I was able to go to a spot on screen because of that and the controller not responding as well as I expect it to

[3:12 pm] TheXyclone: This is my first Final Fantasy game and I can truthfully say that I am enjoying it even though rpgs isn't my thing.

[3:12 pm] KelEl14: Taking the staircase up to the headquarters is a terrible sequence. It would have been fine if it was a 1/4 of the time.

[3:12 pm] Marcus: I didn't like how much it switched back and forth between characters early on. I understand it was character building, but having to switch materia around as much got annoying.

[3:12 pm] CaKarst: The part when you the three of you must hit a switch at the same time always takes me way too many tries.

[3:13 pm] GarettMeff: This is my first time playing FF VII and I think it's pretty great. I can see how it was this crazy influential game when it launched and it's kinda surreal walking through it. It's like I stepped out of a time machine. Although, I am playing the PS4 version and 3X speed is a godsend

[3:13 pm] dacichocki: Something that really struck me about the game so far is how weird Midgar is. Like, there are parts of it that are like other fantasy towns, but then there are parts that are very mid-90's. I'm always surprised when I see computers and TVs because I don't fee like they fit.

[3:13 pm] CKochon: Ugh that 3 switch part is the dumbest lol

[3:13 pm] azianperc: @DerrekH Had trouble with that section as well - I think if your movement for Cloud had been click to move like it is when you're signaling the others, it would have been better, albeit a control change

[3:13 pm] gameinformer: @DerrekH Yeah, early stealth mechanics could be really frustrating back in the day, and here was a game that wasn't even specializing in that, and it just wasn't the best. But at the same time, when the game originally came out, it was remarkable how many different mini-games and side sequences like that helped to keep the experience fresh.

[3:14 pm] Marcus: the amount of minigames was truly astonishing looking back. They really wanted to have segments that shook up what you were getting used to at the time.

[3:14 pm] Marcus: giving you a break from the grind so to speak

[3:14 pm] DerrekH: I can definitely appreciate just how many things they wanted to put into this game. So far ahead of its time in that regard. At the time I didn't even care they were half baked

[3:14 pm] gameinformer: @Marcus I'd agree. Materia switching is a pretty important thing to do, and it's just not that fun.

[3:14 pm] CKochon: The motorcycle part was SO BADASS back then it's hard to believe that I lived in a time where that was the case

[3:14 pm] Adam S.: I loved all the nice little writing touches that I'd forgotten. Like the Shinra employee on the train noting that weirdos always ride at night. Nice observational slice.

[3:14 pm] KelEl14: There is a massive amount of side stuff and mini games, Getting a gold Chocobo takes as long as a lot of indi games made today!

[3:15 pm] GarettMeff: I couldn't believe the motorcycle section was the same game

[3:15 pm] azianperc: I think it's interesting (at least so far) that none of the mini-games feel just thrown in - they feel like logical extensions of what's going on

[3:15 pm] DerrekH: @KelEl14 I'm playing on PS4 with the 3x cheat button and it's incredible. I went start to finish on the gold chocobo quest and it took me like a half hour.

[3:15 pm] BenjaminReeves: What is this, some kind of live chat?

[3:15 pm] DerrekH: Hi @BenjaminReeves !

[3:16 pm] BenjaminReeves: What up!

[3:16 pm] Adam S.: Hi!

[3:16 pm] GarettMeff: Speaking of materia, Is there any I should prioritize over others? Like what do i get from leveling "All"?

[3:16 pm] Randolph Sparks: lol ben

[3:16 pm] KelEl14: @DerrekH WOW! I am playing on my PS3 with the original PS1 copy of the game.

[3:16 pm] dacichocki: If FFVII hadn't had the same impact, would other games like Shenmue or Overblood 2 still have mandatory motorcycle sections? Or is that all just a grand coincidence?

[3:16 pm] GarettMeff: Hi Ben

[3:16 pm] gameinformer: Well, a lot of folks are talking about the mini games, so let's talk about those mini games and side sequences a little bit. It's not exactly like this was the first game to do that, but it certainly doubled down on the idea. Why are the side activities and mini games important to the enjoyment of the game?

[3:16 pm] Randolph Sparks: i think leveling all reduces the damage penalty from it, someone correct me if im wrong

[3:17 pm] CKochon: The mini games added a feeling of depth to game whether it be artificial or otherwise

[3:17 pm] Adam S.: Variety, sense of a bigger world.

[3:17 pm] BenjaminReeves: I thought the whole game was pretty small, since I could hold all three discs in one hand

[3:17 pm] Marcus: yeah, gave you a glimpse of the world

[3:17 pm] CKochon: It was more of an "Oh my god this game has EVERYTHING"

[3:17 pm] OptimusC: hello

[3:17 pm] Thunder: @GarettMeff You get to use spells with the 'All' effect for more turns. Its starts with only one but as it levels you level it.

[3:17 pm] KelEl14: @gameinformer The mini games help break up the pace of the game and change up the system. The battle system can get repetitive due to all the random battles. The thing is though, in a lot of games the mini games are terrible, but for the most part, they are really good in FF7

[3:17 pm] GarettMeff: the Minigames break up the idea of what a standard FF opening is. I played a lot of the 2D games and they all open to the same formula. VII is really keeping you on your toes throughout midgar

[3:18 pm] gameinformer: @dacichocki It's hard to know exactly where the influence spread. Certainly, I can say that in my conversations with developers, everyone agrees that the work they do is at least in part inspired by what they played in the past -- just like writers always acknowledge what they've read. As such, it's hard to imagine almost any developer post-FF VII not being inspired by the game.

[3:18 pm] Randolph Sparks: it adds flavor to the world, it kinda reminds me of some of the mini games in gta like tennis and golf, its not something that i sink a lot of time into but i appreciate the fact that they're there, just makes the world feel a bit more real

[3:18 pm] BenjaminReeves: I remember liking the minigames a lot, but I don't know how they hold up because I haven't gotten there yet. I do miss minigames, I don't feel like modern games do that as much

[3:18 pm] Marcus: It may have also just been a sign of the times......a more is better mentallity....plus it sounds good in a board meeting saying we are including this game and that game......

[3:19 pm] firedude3663: oh this is an interesting chat thingy...

[3:19 pm] Adam S.: Agree re: GTA golf/tennis.

[3:19 pm] KelEl14: @gameinformer So I have completed this game twice already and I had NO IDEA you could set the combat from active to turn based until the podcast today! Mind Blown!

[3:20 pm] CKochon: I feel like FF kind became a prisoner of its own creation later in the franchise tho with Blitzball being this enormous game within a game so I think the series has struggled to find the right mix

[3:20 pm] gameinformer: @BenjaminReeves I think in many ways, the mini game/side activities of games like FF VII have evolved into other things in today's games, but certainly a lot of open world titles like Assassin's Creed or GTA aim to do the same thing -- try to offer variety through small and simple side activities.

[3:20 pm] GarettMeff: I really appreciate that the y went for it. Like the stealth is terrible, but I love that it's there. Of course you want to be stealthy to get into Shinra. It plays to the narrative

[3:20 pm] CKochon: IMO the franchise peaked with minigames with Triple Triad in FF8

[3:20 pm] Randolph Sparks: it seems like in later FFs they decided to just focus in on one minigame like triple triad or blitzball, i actually think i like viis approach better honestly not because the games were better but because they added more flavor to the world without being a big deal in the plot

[3:20 pm] Randolph Sparks: then again i just really blitzball

[3:20 pm] Randolph Sparks: hate blitzball

[3:21 pm] gameinformer: @KelEl14 mentioned that he's never experimented (until now) with turn-based versus active time. Does anyone have any strong preferences there? And if so, why?

[3:21 pm] CKochon: Final Fantasy X was a Blitzball sidequest

[3:21 pm] CaKarst: Most mini games in VII, though, were one off's on the critical path

[3:21 pm] CKochon: I like turned base and active time, they both have their merits. Active time does feel more organic tho so I think I prefer it a bit more

[3:21 pm] DerrekH: @gameinformer I never even knew you could turn it to wait mode. I've always played it active

[3:21 pm] Marcus: Well I know we are not at that point in the game....but these minigames were given new life at the casino later in the game.....so there was always something there to distract the player from the normal grind also.

[3:21 pm] BenjaminReeves: @gameinformer You might be right. You guys are smart

[3:21 pm] GarettMeff: @gameinformer I had no idea you could do turn based. I really want to switch to that. Mostly because it's my first time playing and I'm always confused with the menus

[3:21 pm] KelEl14: @gameinformer I am going to keep playing on active since that is all I know. I will try out the other way just to see, but I like default settings on games

[3:22 pm] azianperc: I prefer the ATB since that's kind of what was intended by the devs, but I'm interested if anyone has tried both systems

[3:22 pm] Randolph Sparks: I like both but I prefer ATB because of how it keeps the game moving at a nice clip and I find it makes the fights more engaging since I, like the characters, can't just dilly dally

[3:22 pm] azianperc: There's things like the reactor boss that raises its tail that I'm not sure how that would translate in a turn based setting

[3:22 pm] dacichocki: I usually just play the game with the default settings, whether it's ATB or turn based because that's how the developer intended it. Other than that though, I'm not picky when it comes to battle systems. As long as they're fun and clear enough.

[3:22 pm] gameinformer: I'm sort of with @KelEl14 and @azianperc . So much of the tone of the game feels focused on the intensity of time pressure, it feels weird to switch to a turn-based system.

[3:23 pm] firedude3663: I'm okay with either type of turn based gameplay as I did play some of Chrono Trigger which I believe was active

[3:23 pm] Randolph Sparks: Turn based works better for really tactical games like XCOM or even FF Tactics but here it really doesn't add much

[3:23 pm] BenjaminReeves: Is anyone else playing on PS4. I wonder if turn based is better when you're playing at x3 speed

[3:23 pm] Marcus: @azianperc exactly.....atb was made for segments like that and i think wait mode diminishes those segments. atb keeps you on your heels.

[3:23 pm] CaKarst: I've always been a fan of ATB as well. It's my favorite system outside if XIII

[3:23 pm] Randolph Sparks: i grind with 3x speed and atb and its doable

[3:24 pm] CKochon: I'm playing of PS4 but I used 3x speed for trash mobs and turned it off for boss fights

[3:24 pm] Thunder: I think Active makes the system a more engaging. Course, it also comes with the risk that you might make mistakes in a haste.

[3:24 pm] Randolph Sparks: I do appreciate how XII and XIII each tried to do new things with ATB

[3:24 pm] azianperc: @BenjaminReeves Conversely, I can't really stand the x3 speed. I haven't used it too much in battles to be fair, but it makes generally moving around the smaller environments too jerky and awkward

[3:24 pm] gameinformer: Changing gears, whose the best character in this opening Midgar section? (No fair jumping ahead to characters we haven't met yet...)

[3:24 pm] CKochon: Party Member or character period?

[3:24 pm] DerrekH: @BenjaminReeves I had problems with it at times, even if you are mashing on X, the game will still register its turns faster than you can.

[3:24 pm] CaKarst: Aeris forever

[3:25 pm] gameinformer: Anyone, @CKochon, party member or not.

[3:25 pm] CKochon: Hmmmmmm

[3:25 pm] Thunder: Tifa, definitely.

[3:25 pm] Randolph Sparks: Tifa, she just seems the most grounded and realistic

[3:25 pm] Kahlua417: I played through the entire game just recently -- put almost 60hrs into it -- and I had no idea there were different systems (ATB or turn-based). I just played with whatever was default.

[3:25 pm] Adam S.: Aeris fan. Like Tifa also.

[3:25 pm] firedude3663: female cloud. hue.

[3:25 pm] Randolph Sparks: I like Red XIII a lot but that's mainly because of what we learn about him later on in the game

[3:25 pm] Marcus: party member, Barrett......outside of that the Turks and Hojo

[3:25 pm] GarettMeff: I really like Aeris and Tifa in Midgar. I'd like to know more about Red XIII

[3:25 pm] Adam S.: True re: Red XIII.

[3:26 pm] GarettMeff: Oh the Turks are awesome. I change my answer to the Turks as a whole

[3:26 pm] gameinformer: For me, I remember when I first played being so excited about Red XIII.

[3:26 pm] DerrekH: I never realized how lovable loser, Team Rocket-esque the Turks were the first time I played it.

[3:26 pm] CKochon: I do like Rufus. He's a different kind of evil

[3:26 pm] KelEl14: I always went Cloud, Barrett, and Aeris for Midgar when given the choice, then as soon as Red XIII came along I would swap out Aeris for him. This time though I am going to try and play with characters I did not play with my last two playthroughs

[3:26 pm] CaKarst: The turks are fantastic

[3:26 pm] BenjaminReeves: @azianperc Yeah, moving around the world at x3 is a huge pain. It's only good for grinding

[3:26 pm] azianperc: I think for what has been shown so far, Barrett actually has the most depth as a person - he's made AVALANCHE and is trying to strike back against Shinra (making him a terrorist), but you also see his relationship with Marlene and how different he is there

[3:26 pm] gameinformer: In the years since, it's become much more common to have non-humanoid party members in RPGs, but it was very rare at this point, and it was super cool to feel like I had this vicious animal in my party.

[3:27 pm] Adam S.: =)

[3:27 pm] BenjaminReeves: I named Red after my childhood cat. He's the only character I renamed

[3:27 pm] gameinformer: @azianperc I think Barret becomes a more resonant character the older you become.

[3:27 pm] TheXyclone: @gameinformer Sure, until you get on the elevator and Red can reach the enemy.

[3:27 pm] GarettMeff: @BenjaminReeves I thought about doing that, but "Snowball" isn't as intimidating

[3:27 pm] BenjaminReeves: Totally, I used to hate Barret, but I kind of like him now.

[3:27 pm] CaKarst: are does anyone else always keep the default names regardless of how many times they've beaten it?

[3:28 pm] Kahlua417: Red XIII was my favorite. I'm surprised so many other people liked him as well, mainly because I don't remember very many people talking about him.

[3:28 pm] KelEl14: @BenjaminReeves What was your cat's name? I don't rename because then when we talk about the games we can't all refer to the same name for the characters

[3:28 pm] CKochon: I'm not a parent but I feel like being a parent would help me understand Barrett a lot better. Marlene is his EVERYTHING

[3:28 pm] BenjaminReeves: @GarettMeff Snarlball

[3:28 pm] firedude3663: I'm default names

[3:28 pm] firedude3663: it's also my first time playing though sooo...

[3:28 pm] Marcus: Barret has multiple things he's fighting for.....and he showcases the widest range of emotions of the bunch early on. He suffers in this respect later in the game.

[3:28 pm] gameinformer: @CaKarst I absolutely do this. I'm sort of committed to having the experience a developer has made for me, and that includes names.

[3:28 pm] BenjaminReeves: @GarettMeff or snowbutt

[3:28 pm] Adam S.: Yup- Barrett is a great character.

[3:28 pm] Thunder: It's my first time as well and the only change I made was Aeris to Aerith.

[3:28 pm] GarettMeff: @BenjaminReeves "Get 'em Snowbutt!"

[3:29 pm] Randolph Sparks: Eh he seems a bit like a one note charicature to me on this playthrough

[3:29 pm] CaKarst: Yeah I've tried changing the names but it seems off to me

[3:29 pm] KelEl14: Whats the deal with Aerith? @Thunder

[3:29 pm] BenjaminReeves: @KelEl14 What's the deal with airport bathrooms?

[3:29 pm] azianperc: I was wondering when the Aerith/Aeris argument would come up

[3:29 pm] Randolph Sparks: ugh not this, I don't care!

[3:29 pm] Marcus: I just never could get the appeal of Aeris. Like the "scene" shook me as a kid, but her character just seems bland to me.

[3:29 pm] CKochon: huehuehue

[3:30 pm] GarettMeff: why is the aeris/aerith debate such a big issue?

[3:30 pm] KelEl14: @BenjaminReeves Whats the deal with cancer? - Jerry Seinfeld

[3:30 pm] CaKarst: I was just happy other people pronounced her name the same as me. I've been saying certain names wrong my whole life, but not that one!

[3:31 pm] KelEl14: So why is the name a debate? Is it a Japan/US version thing?

[3:31 pm] CKochon: yup

[3:31 pm] Randolph Sparks: I specifically was looking for foreshadowing of Aeris's fate this time through, anyone pick up on anything?

[3:31 pm] dacichocki: Aerith is the best character for me. They do a really good job at fleshing her out and making her likable for obvious reasons. I mean, she was so supportive of Cloud getting a dress! How could you not like her for that?

[3:31 pm] gameinformer: I think the Aerith/Aeris thing is pretty wel tread, but it does bring up the question of what people are thinking about as they replay this game in regard to the upcoming remake. On the highest level, do you think it's possible to be faithful to the original story and gameplay while simultaneously feeling modern and new?

[3:31 pm] CKochon: The look of the game has aged so much that I think just a new coat of paint alone is gonna make it look and feel so new

[3:32 pm] Marcus: elements of the original story will probably have to change. I can see the headlines now.....video game lets kids play as terrorists.

[3:32 pm] Randolph Sparks: They can keep the story but they need to totally rewrite the script from the bottom up. Some of the dialogue is just really clunky

[3:32 pm] BardicKnowledge: ^Agreed, CKochon -- there's a reason the PC edition is so heavily modded

[3:32 pm] DerrekH: I really think they can. As much as I love the old school battle system, playing through it again, its the tone and the story that really is the star of this game, and they can nail it

[3:32 pm] KelEl14: I think the systems and story all aged fine, new graphics would be awesome but that is about it.

[3:32 pm] BlakeAnglin: I was surprised by how well the optimized PS4 verssion looked, especially considering I was fully prepared to lower expectations due to the nostalgia factor.

[3:32 pm] Marcus: Also, the crossdressing scene is going to be interesting to see if any backlash comes from the various communities.

[3:32 pm] CaKarst: I absolutely have faith that they will be able to create a great remake. Certainty aspects will change about the story but I welcome that with open arms.

[3:32 pm] azianperc: I think the change in the combat system will actually really help with making the game feel more modern with more active hack slash style and less menu choice style

[3:33 pm] Adam S.: I think it's often a question of whether you can find the essence of the original. If you can, you can certainly re-imagine it in a faithful way that is also modern.

[3:33 pm] dacichocki: Unless they plan on keeping the old translation, I think the story is going to be different even if the action on screen is 1:1 as much as possible. It's going to be really different just having Barrett speak realistically.

[3:33 pm] KelEl14: I just hope they do not get rid of the materia system, that is the main reason I love this game so much. Are there any other games that have a similar mechanic?

[3:33 pm] GarettMeff: A new, more active combat system would really add to the intensity of moment to moment fights that y'all brought up in the ATB/turn based discussion

[3:34 pm] gameinformer: Interesting opinions about the remake, everyone. I have to admit to a mix of concern and excitement. I'd love for that game to be great, but it also smacks a bit of trying to rewrite War and Peace, you know?

[3:34 pm] Randolph Sparks: Plus the fact that they're opening up the gameplay and having it be more modern third person has to necessitate a lot of changes

[3:34 pm] CKochon: Barrett is definitely way to stereotype heavy for any acceptable modern storytelling but they can and hopefully will just play strongly to him being the "Proud Father" and give a lot of well needed depth to the character

[3:34 pm] CaKarst: opening would love them to incorporate elements from the expanded universe but I won't hold my breath

[3:35 pm] Kahlua417: There are a lot of quirky/silly moments in the game that I'm interested in seeing adapted for the remake. But I feel like the game will, overall, be more serious. Which is kind of saddening.

[3:35 pm] BlakeAnglin: I love the materia system, and was surprised it was so user friendly back then with the exchange system, but there are probably more ways they can streamline it.

[3:35 pm] GarettMeff: @gameinformer As a first time player a lot of the story beats are sticking out as feeling somewhat antiquated. I think a rejuvenation of the script would work wonders

[3:35 pm] dacichocki: A quick aside about the crossdressing sequence - I hope they go all out and explore more about LGBT culture in Midgar. Even if it wasn't the greatest representation in the original, how many other FF games even tried exploring that?

[3:35 pm] BardicKnowledge: What do people think of Woolsey vs Slattery's translations of FFVI? That might be the best analog we have as few games have two different official US scripts

[3:35 pm] CaKarst: huh?

[3:35 pm] Adam S.: Agree it's a risky business re-interpreting classics and beloved classics at that. I'm a fan of Shakespeare though- so it can be done.

[3:36 pm] BlakeAnglin: My biggest hope is that they differentiate the characters in combat more. Equipping different materia is nice, but the fact that all the different characters basically function the same in battle, with the exception of limit breaks, is disappointing.

[3:36 pm] Adam S.: The LGBT thing was something I'd forgotten. So It was interesting to see that again.

[3:36 pm] Kahlua417: Oh yeah, I forgot all about that cross-dressing sequence! How WILL they handle that?

[3:36 pm] gameinformer: One of the things I'll be most excited to see remade is the setting of Midgar. Let's talk a little bit about how that city appears in this original game. Do you guys like it as a location and game setting?

[3:36 pm] GarettMeff: @dacichocki I feel like it depends on the team doing it. A lot of games developed in japan, like Yakuza, still play off crossdressing as a big joke

[3:36 pm] CaKarst: I'm really excited to delve into the story deeper as I think I missed a lot in my first few playthrough, or at least I didn't understand them as well as I thought I did

[3:36 pm] Randolph Sparks: That's a double edged swoard because if they try to delve more into the LGBT stuff and screw it up its going to make a lot of people upset

[3:36 pm] Marcus: Side note: I hope that it is representative of the original copy and doesn't go in an unexpected direction. Im picturing the rebuilds of Evangelion while typing this.

[3:37 pm] BardicKnowledge: IMO Midgar is the best designed part of the whole game. Everything between leaving and Gold Saucer feels pretty generic by comparison

[3:37 pm] CKochon: Midgar is amazing. You can definitely tell even today that Midgare used to be something but it's just been so long

[3:37 pm] Randolph Sparks: I gotta admit though, the joke with Cloud and all the dudes in the tiny bathtub got me, I genuinely cracked up a bit

[3:37 pm] gameinformer: And yes, @dacichocki, the public consciousness about LGBT culture is at a very different place now that in the late 90s. It will definitely be interesting to see how a remake handles it.

[3:37 pm] Adam S.: Sometimes upsetting things is fun. Depends how they do it. Doubt it will be a big component.

[3:37 pm] KelEl14: @gameinformer Yes, I like the Midgar setting, I like the way it feels like such a depressed place with so many bad things going on, and you're just trying to end it all

[3:37 pm] Marcus: Did anyone hope that they would show you loveless at some point in the game....much like the opera in ff6?

[3:38 pm] TheXyclone: @gameinformer I really think the setting of Midgar is interesting and love the layout of the slums under the bustling city.

[3:38 pm] Adam S.: Yes re: Loveless.

[3:38 pm] Randolph Sparks: guess they could licence my bloody valentine for the soundtrack but that would be weird

[3:38 pm] GarettMeff: Midgar feels like downtown Detroit. I love it, because i'm scared of it

[3:38 pm] Marcus: @Randolph Sparks mbv would mesh well with the tone lol

[3:38 pm] gameinformer: @GarettMeff Agreed. It's certainly a scary place.

[3:39 pm] BardicKnowledge: It's pretty rare for any jRPG to actually get a glimpse of life inside a town beyond the bare essentials -- Midgar is the exception

[3:39 pm] Randolph Sparks: yea I kinda hope they go further with that seediness in the remake, it was great for its time but they can push things so much further now

[3:40 pm] azianperc: I'm actually thinking about how on the GI Show you talked about how almost random Midgar felt: bars near gun shops, random giant robot parts, etc. I'm wondering if that won't be lost a bit in an update that might make it a bit more modern in terms of blocking

[3:40 pm] CaKarst: The contrast between midgar and the rest of the world is so well done and you can feel it once you step outside for the first time.

[3:40 pm] CaKarst: It's like you can finally breathe

[3:40 pm] BlakeAnglin: The small snippet I saw of the remake, where you are walking around Midgar, it certainly looks more structured.

[3:40 pm] GarettMeff: The corruption of Midgar is a huge factor in what makes it scary. The fact that they would demolish a whole section of their own city to stop a group of about 5 people is insane, yet they play it off like it was the most sensible course of action.

[3:40 pm] BardicKnowledge: CaKarst: One of my complaints about the game is that Shinra feels like a localized threat because of that very contrast

[3:40 pm] CKochon: Even in the world map, Midgar is lit so much darker then the rest of it

[3:41 pm] Randolph Sparks: I kinda think that was the point though, the slums of midgar are haphazardly thrown together because these are poor and using everything they have and doing whatever it takes to survive

[3:41 pm] azianperc: i.e., if they make it too organized it might feel too different. But it could also be a good thing where more powerful systems can make the slapdash homes feel more realistic

[3:41 pm] BlakeAnglin: I like how on the map, when you get close to Midgar, the world just gets dark.

[3:41 pm] gameinformer: For me, Midgar was easily the most memorable part of the original game. But part of that was the sense of transition that came when you finally left the city and entered this beautiful world outside. That moment is really striking. I think we'll end up talking a lot more about that when we continue on to the next section of the game in our next discussion.

[3:41 pm] TheXyclone: I love the idea of the city being divided up into sections and for that part of the city to overshadow the underbelly slums.

[3:41 pm] CaKarst: you'll find shinra is very much involved in other parts of the world though...

[3:41 pm] Adam S.: I thought those glimpses into a wider world and reflections of real life were really nice touches (eg. the commuter worried about late night commutes, the cross-dresser nervous about buying clothes etc.). Little game reflections of Japan.

[3:42 pm] GarettMeff: @gameinformer I felt that. I thought the whole game was going to be gloomy and desolate, but then I'm standing in a beach resort a few hours later

[3:42 pm] gameinformer: @BlakeAnglin I totally agree about how cool it is that everything gets dark as you approach Midgar. There's the sense that it has an almost otherworldly quality.

[3:42 pm] KelEl14: @gameinformer The transition from Midgar to the world map blew my mind. That moment for me was the most important when playing for the first time.

[3:42 pm] BenjaminReeves: You guys are still talking about this?

[3:42 pm] CKochon: Probably

[3:42 pm] KelEl14: @BenjaminReeves Ha

[3:42 pm] dacichocki: One scene they can include in the remake is something describing why people are unable to leave the city. I found the way out way before the motorcycle sequence and it was just locked with no reason behind it.

[3:43 pm] gameinformer: What do you make of the name itself: Midgar? It's certainly awfully close to the Norse name for humanity's world: Midgard. What do you make of that?

[3:43 pm] GarettMeff: @dacichocki Yeah up until the podcast I had no clue it was locked off

[3:43 pm] firedude3663: I felt it was just a name they came up with that worked

[3:43 pm] CKochon: I think 80 percent of gamers just call it Midgard anyway

[3:43 pm] Randolph Sparks: it sounds really sinister and seedy so pretty perfect for a name

[3:43 pm] KelEl14: @gameinformer I never thought about it much...

[3:43 pm] Marcus: my guess is that people just can't afford to leave. Think about people who always want to get out of their small town, but never can because it wouldn't be cost efficient and would also completely turn their world upside down.

[3:44 pm] gameinformer: Are the developers making a not-so-subtle nod to the state of the real world with the name Midgar?

[3:44 pm] BlakeAnglin: Hmm, I've never thought about the naming of Midgar

[3:44 pm] BardicKnowledge: Part of the series' random love of Norse names. Nibelheim also comes to mind

[3:44 pm] BenjaminReeves: When do you get to Highgar?

[3:44 pm] CKochon: And future...summons...in the game

[3:44 pm] BenjaminReeves: OH, did you guys already talk about summons?

[3:44 pm] GarettMeff: @gameinformer The midgard refrence zoomed right over my head

[3:45 pm] Marcus: Well, as dark souls series shows us....japanese developers are really interested in european history and folklore

[3:45 pm] CKochon: no I was just referencing a future summon in relative to greek mythology

[3:45 pm] BardicKnowledge: ^Officially we don't have any yet Ben, this week is only through exiting Midgar and you get the first one just after leaving

[3:45 pm] CaKarst: Also there is NOTHING else in that part of the world. There's a small town and a farm. For miles and miles. The gates are locked to keep monsters out?

[3:45 pm] BlakeAnglin: I was thinking of one very Norse-y one in particular, but I realize most of the summons were named before VII, in Esper form.

[3:45 pm] Randolph Sparks: so are people forcefully kept in midgar or is it just a matter of them being too poor to escape?

[3:45 pm] Adam S.: Thanks also to GI for organising this. Muchas gratias.

[3:45 pm] firedude3663: @Randolph Sparks I feel it's more they are poor

[3:45 pm] azianperc: There are plenty of different parallels you could draw if you compare FFVII to aspects Norse mythology, for example emphasis on being warriors. you could even argue a little of the Tree of Knowledge and the sacrifice required by Odin to Cloud's journey

[3:45 pm] gameinformer: @Adam S. Absolutely, Adam. We really like to look for new ways to interact with you guys.

[3:46 pm] firedude3663: this chat thing does feel kinda weird, to me anyway.

[3:46 pm] GarettMeff: @Randolph Sparks I think it would be a mix of economic climate and lack of protection from monsters in the wild

[3:46 pm] BlakeAnglin: More importantly, how do people get into Midgar, you get the sense that Tifa just kind of immigrated there. I wonder if, for people who don't live close to Midgar, if it is seen as some idealistic haven.

[3:46 pm] AdamClark: I figured no one ever left because the surrounding land is monster infested. Also the scenes in DoC and AC reveal the hundreds of miles of barren land around it. That would be quite a trek.

[3:46 pm] BlakeAnglin: Then the reality hits that it is a dirty slum and you are trapped there.

[3:46 pm] KelEl14: I'm a slow reader so this is hard! But fun!

[3:46 pm] CKochon: I assumed it was a Berlin wall situation

[3:47 pm] AdamClark: Everyone who want in must find the key at the dig site. No exceptions.

[3:47 pm] Marcus: How did people get to NYC? dreams of moving to the big city while young is a pretty real thing

[3:47 pm] GarettMeff: @BlakeAnglin There were people in the town shortly after you leave talking about how awesome the Midgar tech is

[3:47 pm] BardicKnowledge: The games takes its time letting you know that none of the main characters are actually from Midgar -- certainly sets up at least Barrett+Marlene, Tifa, and Aeris as potentially being from the slums

[3:47 pm] gameinformer: @azianperc I don't think those parallels are coincidental. It's always struck me that Square did indeed love all that European folklore, but they often used it to reinforce important themes.

[3:47 pm] dacichocki: I guess I wonder about Midgar because there are other places to live out there Somehow Cloud and Tifa got there, but they can't leave. Odd.

[3:47 pm] BlakeAnglin: Yeah, I'm thinking a lot of people in the worls have big dreams of moving to Midgar, but have no idea what it actually is.

[3:48 pm] Ben Hanson: Oh hi!

[3:48 pm] azianperc: so if we're doing parallels to the real world, Midgar above the sections is New York, and the slums are New Jersey? eyyyyy

[3:48 pm] firedude3663: discusses game while also playing the game

[3:48 pm] CaKarst: Hi Hanson!

[3:48 pm] Adam S.: Hey Ben. Hope you're doing OK.

[3:48 pm] azianperc: @firedude3663 We must go deeper Inception music

[3:48 pm] Adam S.: That's a big operation.

[3:49 pm] BlakeAnglin: Then you see areas like the playground near Aeris's house, and you realize that Midgar was totally, at one point, nicer than it is now.

[3:49 pm] BardicKnowledge: I still love that we are talking about a jRPG town's social hierarchy. Compared to basically any other location in the entire franchise, Midgar has an Elder Scrolls-level of depth

[3:49 pm] GarettMeff: Ben were you allowed to keep your drippy gall bladder in a jar?

[3:49 pm] gameinformer: Well, now that the Inception music has started, let's talk about some of those more involved themes. Did the ecological overtones feel overdone to you guys, playing the game in 2016 compared to 1998?

[3:50 pm] Randolph Sparks: the wall in wall market does feel kinda like the berlin wall, especially with all the graffiti on it

[3:50 pm] AdamClark: I figured each sector had a wall like that.

[3:50 pm] Kahlua417: If anything, I think the ecological overtones feel more relevant today.

[3:50 pm] CaKarst: Knowing where the ecological part of the story goes, it's kind of hard for me to tell. It sees absolutely necessary

[3:50 pm] GarettMeff: @gameinformer At the start it felt very in your face. Like an episode of Captain Planet

[3:50 pm] BlakeAnglin: Gameplay-wise, it seems like materia is plentiful enough. Wyy not just use Bolt 3 to power a whole town, it's not like Lightning materia is exactly uncommon or anything...

[3:50 pm] KelEl14: @gameinformer I am not very good at seeing "deeper meaning" in video games, so any message they were trying to send was lost on me.

[3:51 pm] Randolph Sparks: I noticed those themes back when I first played it, sure it can be a bit heavy handed but I do admire it for at least trying to make this kind of a statement, games very rarely did that at the time

[3:51 pm] Marcus: looking back I can most definitely see the parallels to oil in the time it was made.

[3:51 pm] gameinformer: @Randolph Sparks Agreed. At the time, I think it would have been hard to find a game that more directly addressed the misuse of the environment.

[3:52 pm] Adam S.: I think they'll have many of the same themes- but they'll have to do them more subtly for a modern audience. And it will be interesting to see how they treat the eco-terrorism angle that someone else alluded to before.

[3:52 pm] BenjaminReeves: I guess what I've been trying to say is Final Fantasy VII is fun

[3:52 pm] BardicKnowledge: ^Even today it's pretty rare to talk about the planet as a living being in a game

[3:52 pm] IcemanJLH82: it still hits home especially with climate change and all that these days

[3:52 pm] KelEl14: @BenjaminReeves Yes, it is fun.

[3:52 pm] GarettMeff: @BenjaminReeves I agree

[3:53 pm] KelEl14: @BenjaminReeves On the podcast they said you don't curse?

[3:53 pm] BlakeAnglin: Yeah, in a lot of ways Mako is directly relatable to oil. The big bad corporation is sucking it up faster than it can be replenished, and once refined, it is basically integrated into the everyday aspects of our lives.

[3:53 pm] Adam S.: @BardicKnowledge. Agreed.

[3:53 pm] Randolph Sparks: as far as the planet being a living being, don't want to get too far ahead but even at this early stage the game is bringing in elements from Buddhism

[3:54 pm] Randolph Sparks: also lots of Tibbetan Book of the Dead stuff

[3:54 pm] Adam S.: And Shinto.

[3:54 pm] GarettMeff: If they get the Mako from Earth, what was Jenova being used for?

[3:54 pm] Randolph Sparks: yup

[3:54 pm] CaKarst: what they do with the "mako" storyline is some of my favorite parts of the story

[3:55 pm] BlakeAnglin: I don't want to dig into spoiler territory, but doesn't the origin of Jenova delve into that? Like, for all they know, Mako is finite (even if they don;t care how much they use), so they have explored alternate methods.

[3:55 pm] gameinformer: Interesting thoughts, everybody. I want to close out our conversation with a discussion of the game's legacy. Why is Final Fantasy VII so deeply beloved by the gaming community, as compared to other games of its time, or even other Final Fantasy games?

[3:55 pm] CaKarst: Jenova is a whole other thing. But I'm sure we'll talk more about that later

[3:55 pm] Randolph Sparks: when this game was being made, Sakaguchi's mother died and you can really tell that had an impact on the themes of this game

[3:55 pm] AdamClark: Jenova cells and Mako were used to essentially create "super soldiers" but that comes much later in the game.

[3:55 pm] tstitan: @gameinformer Gotta be because of how much it changed things

[3:56 pm] gameinformer: @tstitan In what way?

[3:56 pm] TheXyclone: I was wondering what was the key to deciphering the passcode on the 60 something floor. I ended up giving up on shelling out Gils and guessed it right by chance.

[3:56 pm] BardicKnowledge: Final Fantasy VII is the first game to homogenize the characters completely, for one -- you can customize nearly every aspect save for Limit Breaks

[3:56 pm] BlakeAnglin: To me, it was the first commercial. Of course it was all cutscenes, but I clearly remember teenage me not comprehending how that could even be playable. I had to see for myself.

[3:56 pm] BardicKnowledge: ^And I don't mean that as a negative if it came off that way

[3:56 pm] tstitan: I think from then on, it was expected that an RPG would tell an epic story with grandiose production and story telling

[3:56 pm] KelEl14: @gameinformer For me, it was just the systems of the game and how big the game is. There were so many story elements, funny and sad, that it hooked me Are there any other games that have a mechanic like Materia. Setting up the perfect links is just amazing!

[3:56 pm] CaKarst: The visuals and story telling is whatset it apart for me.

[3:56 pm] dacichocki: I think FFVII was at the right place at the right time. If SquareSoft, say, Xenogears out first and marketed it in the same way, I think we'd be here talking about how they created such an intelligent and well thought out game.

[3:56 pm] Randolph Sparks: i think because of its ambition, it tried to do so many things that really pushed what videogames were. Even if its reach sometimes exceeded its grasp you have to respect it for going for it

[3:56 pm] Marcus: It was one of the first rpg's to take us out of a medieval type society. Very futuristic for the time.

[3:56 pm] CaKarst: also materia

[3:57 pm] tstitan: Not that story telling was second hand before that, but FF VII took it up a notch.

[3:57 pm] BlakeAnglin: Also Sephiroth. We could dig into why he is such a great villain, but to me, the best Fianl Fantasy's have a great villain, that is where it starts.

[3:57 pm] BardicKnowledge: It also plays quickly for a CD game -- compare to FF VIII in which the Draw animation requires a disc load, or the long load times from FFIX

[3:57 pm] azianperc: I want to say it's cohesion and timing. Cohesion because it has a lot of elements we had already seen in other games, but it brought lots of them together AND did it well (looking at you, Brink). Timing because if it had come out a bit later, it could have easily been surpassed by something else at the time

[3:57 pm] GarettMeff: @gameinformer Even though I hadn't played it at the time, it made such a resounding impact in pop culture that by the time I got the internet in the early 2000's I was flooded with fanart/stories/pictures/animations/etc of FF VII. It was definitely and incredibly involved story for the time. It was an epic

[3:58 pm] BardicKnowledge: VIII and IX have awful end bosses compared to both VI and VII, that's definitely a part of why VII is the most loved of the PSX trilogy

[3:58 pm] Marcus: Like I said earlier....I think it hit its viewers at the right place, at the right time. The angst was real lol.

[3:58 pm] BenjaminReeves: @KelEl14 What the @#$%? What podcast?

[3:58 pm] BlakeAnglin: @BardicKnowledge Yeah, when I think about others, I can't even remember the "big bad". I loved XIII's gameplay, but I can't even recall the last boss now, so it is so forgettable.

[3:59 pm] dacichocki: Or maybe a better comparison, if VIII had been released as VII, it would've had just as much an impact because of how revolutionary it was.

[3:59 pm] GarettMeff: @Marcus Very true. Sephiroth AIM avatars everywhere

[3:59 pm] tstitan: @BlakeAnglin I agree. Not to knock Kefka, but Sephiroth is one of the best villains in video games

[3:59 pm] Kahlua417: I tend to see more love for FFVI from gaming publications, but I see more enthusiasm for FFVII from the general public. So maybe this indicates that FFVII was more accessible? I've never played VI, so I wouldn't know.

[3:59 pm] dacichocki: as opposed to other JRPGs out at the time.

[3:59 pm] tstitan: Certainly my favorite FF villain out of the ones I've played

[3:59 pm] CaKarst: Kefka did some stuff though .

[3:59 pm] Randolph Sparks: plus it doesn't hurt that its the first game that a lot of people really connected with at a very deep emotional level. If you were to ask people what was this first videogame to make you cry, this game would come up a lot

[3:59 pm] BardicKnowledge: The only subsequent FF game with a quality end boss is FFX -- no surprise it is most known for story and tech not unlike VII

[4:00 pm] KelEl14: @BenjaminReeves Last weeks, not yesterday.

[4:00 pm] Adam S.: @RandolphSparks Most certainly.

[4:00 pm] GarettMeff: and then FF VIII shook the whole industry up with the ground breaking Zell Dincht

[4:00 pm] Randolph Sparks: most ff games though are more about the crazy tough optional bosses anyway, as fights those tend to be more memorable than the actual final boss

[4:00 pm] BlakeAnglin: Kefka is great, and a big reason why VI is so loved, but VII had a great villain, plus the added bonus of being so graphically amazing when it released. It also came at a key time when people were deciding between PS1 and N64. The game that tipped the scales one way or another is obviously going to have a profound affect on you.

[4:00 pm] AdamClark: VI had much better character development and chemistry compared to VII. But VII had a much better plot, imo.

[4:00 pm] BardicKnowledge: ^That started here in VII, @Randolph

[4:00 pm] CaKarst: I loved IX's but that's just me

[4:01 pm] Randolph Sparks: yup great point bardic!

[4:01 pm] gameinformer: Well, it's great to hear your perspectives, everyone. I hope all of you will consider continuing to play along with us. We'll be continuing to discuss Final Fantasy VII in the coming weeks, and our next podcast discussion is planned for February 25. At that point, we'll discuss everything up to the end of the City of the Ancients section. For those of you who have played before, there's a big moment there that will act as our cutoff point. And thanks to all of you for hopping into this live chat. I hope you had fun -- it's great to get to talk to some of you directly about your experience with the game.

[4:01 pm] BardicKnowledge: IX's final boss? ^

[4:01 pm] CaKarst: yeah

[4:01 pm] dacichocki: Thanks for having us!

[4:01 pm] BardicKnowledge: It's someone we never meet

[4:01 pm] Randolph Sparks: we'll have to do this again sometime! thanks gi!

[4:01 pm] KelEl14: Thanks! That was fun!

[4:01 pm] BardicKnowledge: literally out of nowhere

[4:01 pm] Marcus: thanks GI!!!

[4:01 pm] BardicKnowledge: Thanks all

[4:01 pm] AdamClark: sorry I was so late, glad I got to in for a bit though!

[4:01 pm] gameinformer: I'm going to keep this chat open for a few more minutes in case anyone is still finishing up their thoughts, and then I'll be copying everything over into an archive.

[4:01 pm] azianperc: good times, let's hope I have time to play this section

[4:01 pm] BlakeAnglin: Thanks guys, it's been fun.

[4:01 pm] BenjaminReeves: @KelEl14 Oh, why did that come up?

[4:01 pm] Adam S.: Thanks very much everyone and esp. to GI for facilitating this. =)

[4:01 pm] gameinformer: @Adam S. You're welcome!

[4:02 pm] GarettMeff: Thank you GI!

[4:02 pm] azianperc: lots coming out - Fire Emblem Fates, Division open beta :x probably some other stuff I don't care about XD

[4:02 pm] BenjaminReeves: Thanks for playing guys? It's been fun. Looking forward to doing more of this!!

[4:02 pm] TheXyclone: Thanks. Live chat was great idea for Game Club.

[4:02 pm] gameinformer: Have a great weekend everyone. Moderator signing off.

[4:02 pm] CaKarst: Thanks y'all!

[4:02 pm] BardicKnowledge: I'll be on time for the next one :)

[4:02 pm] BlakeAnglin: I'm Ron Burgandy?

[4:02 pm] Thunder: Thanks for setting this up, GI, and it's been a real pleasure chatting with you all.

[4:02 pm] KelEl14: @BenjaminReeves I forget, ask Tim Turi. They said it was for religious reasons.

[4:02 pm] CKochon: If y'all haven't you should join the Game Informer Game Club FB group! We've been having fun in their talking about the game

[4:02 pm] BlakeAnglin: ^

[4:02 pm] Kahlua417: Thanks for making FFVII your first Game Club choice as well! Helped give me a needed extra push to play the game again.

[4:03 pm] KelEl14: @BenjaminReeves There is no other Ben right? Because I know it was not about Hansen

[4:03 pm] BlakeAnglin: facebook.com/groups/1121771234500009 If anyone wants in the FB group!

[4:03 pm] BenjaminReeves: @KelEl14 No Hanson's mouth is a toilet

[4:05 pm] GarettMeff: Good 'ol Toilet Face Hanson

[4:06 pm] KelEl14: @BenjaminReeves I know. I like that GI Show cuts out cursing though, I do not curse either. It took a lot of work to stop after high school.

[4:09 pm] tstitan: Haha. hopefully next time, I'll show up when the chat is starting, not ending...

[4:09 pm] tstitan: Bluh