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Gravity Rush Remastered Reminds Us Why The Sequel Has Great Potential

by Kyle Hilliard on Feb 02, 2016 at 10:00 AM

Gravity Rush, the Vita launch title about a gravity-manipulating amnesiac, is made its way to PlayStation 4 today with a new coat of paint. Along with taking a look at the upgraded version of game, we also discuss the game's minor legacy.

Gravity Rush was a Vita launch title, and at least until now, a true exclusive for the handheld. It was later given away for free as part of PlayStation Plus. The protagonist, Kat, was included in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale as a downloadable character. Sony clearly had high hopes for the game and its fiction, but it didn't garner much passion. Most who played walked away lukewarm, neither loving or hating the game.

I'm a bigger fan than most (along with former GI editor Dan Ryckert), which I outline in the video below. I love the gravity-manipulating mechanic and I see it as a well-executed base for what I hope will be a good sequel.

If you're just here to see how Gravity Rush Remastered looks on PlayStation 4, you will find video that's strictly gameplay below.

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