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Lego Marvel Avengers: How To Unlock Jessica Jones & Daredevil

by Andrew Reiner on Jan 26, 2016 at 08:40 AM

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The stars of Netflix's hit shows, Daredevil and Jessica Jones, are playable in Lego Marvel Avengers. You likely won't recognize Ms. Jones, as she's masquerading as Jewel, her secret super hero identity that was only mentioned as a joke in the show. Daredevil also isn't sporting his Netflix attire, and is instead in his classic comic book red. Both characters are fun to control, especially for overworld navigation. Jones can freely fly across the city, whereas Daredevil uses his billy club to swing across it like Spider-Man.

With over 200 different characters in the game, most of which must be located and unlocked, finding these two heroes is no easy task. Lego Marvel Avengers doesn't offer a map of its New York City overworld, and outside of the Statue of Liberty and Avengers Tower there aren't many landmarks to use for guidance. For these two specific characters, we recommend using the bridge as a means of pinpointing where you need to be on the map. Both characters are standing in the overworld, waiting to give you a mission. They are represented as purple dots on the radar. When you near them, Daredevil and Jones' faces will appear.

Daredevil is located near the water on a pier loaded with crates and construction gear. The pier is located on the opposite side as the bridge.

After completing his brief mission (a combat encounter), he'll be added to your roster. You'll still need to throw down a few bricks to enable him for play.

Jones is located in the heart of the city, just a block removed from the bridge. In the image below, Dr. Strange is hovering directly above her location. Bring a flying character and you should have no problem finding her. She wants you to find some friends of hers before she'll join your team.

You can see these two awesome characters in action in the video below: