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The Explosive, Modified Arsenal of Doom

by Matt Bertz on Jan 20, 2016 at 10:55 AM


Doom is an iconic first-person shooter for a litany of reasons, but one of the most memorable ways it always stuck out in my mind was the fantastic array of weaponry. From the satisfying thud of the double-barrel shotgun to the room-clearing force of the BFG 9000, few shooters created in the 22 years since its debut have such a memorable arsenal.

During our hands-on sessions at id Software, we got a chance to see how these weapons are evolving in the new Doom with the addition of mods. Unlocked via field drones you come across in the campaign, these alterations give you a new way to play with these legendary weapons.

Here is a brief rundown of the guns we got to use to cleanse the demon uprising. 

Would it really be a Doom game without giving players the opportunity to slice an enemy in half with a lumberjack's tool of choice? I think not. I don't know why a chainsaw is at this futuristic Martian base, but I'm glad it is. The chainsaw essentially works as a one-hit kill device in the new Doom. The size of the enemy you can cut down with it depends on how many fuel cells you have left. Fodder like the possessed only consume one cell, but larger enemies like the Mancubus will absorb multiple cells at once.

The chainsaw is a great desperation option because using it yields a large ammo drop from the enemies. Because it's a weapon players will turn to frequently, id chose to remove it from the weapon wheel in favor of a quick-access button on the d-pad. 

Precise and powerful, the pistol is up to the task of being a compelling sidearm alternative to your heavy weaponry. One of the mods we used during the playthrough allows you to to unleash a charged enemy shot, giving you a little extra oomph when you need it. 

The gun I used the most during the Resource Operations mission, the combat shotgun is one of the most versatile weapons in the game. Its standard form is great for blasting the intestines out of an enemy up close, but the mods give it more range than I expected. The charge burst fires a three-round burst, delivering much more damage in the immediate vicinity. The explosive shot, however, shoots an arcing mid-range explosive round, which extends the range considerably, making it a great jack-of-all-trades option. 

Originally debuted in Doom II, this double-barreled beauty is a great weapon of choice when you're surrounded by enemies in close quarters and need to diminish their numbers in a hurry. We didn't get to see any of the mods in action (if there are any), so we still have a lot to learn about how this great weapon could potentially be better.

A new weapon to the Doom universe, the heavy assault rifle should feel familiar to anyone who has played a space shooter over the past several years. The two mods we've seen in action are a scope and an explosive collection of micro missiles. This rack of six semi-automatic firing mini missiles packs a punch, and the slight target tracking will help you connect with fast-moving enemies. 

This futuristic weapon has been a Doom stable for decades. The high damage rate this gun unleashes is great for stopping an enemy in its tracks, and the one mod we saw in action can also save you from a sticky situation. If you get overwhelmed with heavies, firing the stun bomb mod will briefly stop an enemy in its tracks, giving you an opportunity to either empty a clip into it for a quick kill or to thin the herd around it before it comes out of its suspended state. We're not sure if it still uses the same ammo as the BFG 9000, like it did in some of the past Doom games. 

When the demons start to assault you with a multitude of heavies like the Barons of Hell, Pinky, and the Summoner, you will undoubtedly turn to this powerful weapon. In addition to its explosion dealing basic fire, id tacked on a great new mod to give you more control over how you use the rocket launcher. Using the remote-detonation functionality, you can choose when to detonate the shot, making near misses still valuable. 

Ever since we saw Rambo: First Blood Part II, we've loved the idea of unloading a steady stream of lead into enemies at a rapid rate. The chaingun in Doom is one of the most satisfying examples of this attack style in video games. We only saw one of the mods for this weapon, but it's one we intend to use often. The mobile turret, which has three rapid-fire cannons, is a great deployment for taking down bullet sponges like the Mancubus. 

BFG 9000
We didn't get a chance to see this mother-of-all-weapons in action, but we did learn about its functionality. Given its use for special circumstances, id chose to remove the BFG from the weapon wheel and give it its own dedicated "panic button" instead.

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