Question Of The Month: What's The Funniest Moment You've Seen In A Video Game?

by Jeff Marchiafava on Jan 19, 2016 at 05:23 AM

In issue 273, we asked readers what the funniest moment they've ever witnessed in a video game is. We ran a range of responses in the latest issue of Game Informer, but now it's your turn to share your favorite laughs.

Mordin's impromptu musical number, the audacious shenanigans of Cartman in South Park: The Stick Of Truth, and Johnny Sasaki's continual battle with irritable bowel syndrome were among the gags that had readers cracking up, while others shared more personal, gameplay-oriented moments. So what about you? Share your funniest moment with the community in the comments section below – and don't worry, it can't get any more immature than laughing at a guy with diarrhea.

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