Replay – Rogue Galaxy

by Andrew Reiner on Jan 15, 2016 at 02:00 PM

Classics from yesteryear are suddenly new again on PlayStation 4. Our Replay mailbag is overflowing with requests to revisit the PlayStation 2 games Sony is re-releasing on PlayStation 4. We already took a look at the excellent stealth game Mark of Kri, today we're revisiting Rogue Galaxy, an ambitious science-fiction role-playing from developer Level-5.

The game choice comes courtesy of Game Informer friend Zachary Pligge, who donated $1,000 dollars to Game Informer's Extra Life live stream to appear in an episode of Replay. Pligge quickly shows off his knowledge of Rogue Galaxy, and Tim Turi does his best to make as much progress in the opening minutes of the game as he can. Kim Wallace, Game Informer's JRPG expert, is on hand to insight and criticize Turi's should he do something wrong. Rogue Galaxy sadly didn't sell well in Japan or North America, and stands as one of PlayStation 2's most under appreciated games. Here's hoping it finds the audience it deserves on PlayStation 4.

Our final segment in this week's show explores another little known PlayStation 2 game that is often compared to Pokemon. As always, leave us a comment, and let us know what you think of the show and the games featured within it. Also, check out the always amazing Replay fan group on Facebook.

-No that's not an easter egg at the end, just 3 uneventful minutes of black. Our video editing robot is on the fritz again...

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