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The 10 Goofiest Alternate Costumes Of 2015

by Game Informer Editorial on Jan 13, 2016 at 02:50 PM

Whatever else may be uttered about 2015, let no one say that its games didn't give players plenty of options when it came to donning ridiculous costumes. Even the bleakest RPGs and action titles had some goofball duds for gamers to make their protagonists trounce around in. Let's talk about the 10 goofiest ones.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain - Chicken Hat

In Metal Gear Solid V, the chicken hat is offered to players who have died too many times during a mission, making the wearer invisible to foes for a bit. It's both a generous offer to help players who are struggling through certain sections of the game and a slap in the face, a mark of shame for the player to wear. Still, it's pretty amusing to think the last thing an enemy soldier seeing before a tranq dart puts them to sleep is a grown man sneaking about in a chicken hat.

Assassin's Creed Syndicate - Steampunk Costumes

Yeah, look, we all knew that Syndicate was going to have some sort of steampunk component the moment it was revealed the game took place in Victorian London. But not like this. Please.

Fallout 4 - Mascot Helmet

There are many, many forms of protection scattered throughout the Wasteland that will go a long way toward keeping you safe in the post-apocalypse. A broken teddy bear helmet is not one of them and will likely just make people want to shoot you and eat your corpse more even more than usual.

Mortal Kombat X - Blue Steel Sub-Zero

Even forgetting that this costume is probably reference to Zoolander, it looks goofy as heck. Is he a robot? How does Sub-Zero even move around in that? The only thing that really works about this is the Mask of the Phantasm-looking headgear. But whatever fear factor might be there is immediately undone by the fact that his biceps turn into blue popsicles when he's mad.

The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt - Basic Armor

image credit: Gamespot

There is a lot of cool armor in The Witcher 3 and most of it is extremely rare. The more common stuff is fine and it gets the job done but more often than not they uh, they look like holiday sweaters. The benefit of this is that it reinforces Geralt's persona as Your Slightly Murderous Grumpy Grandfather Who Pouts At Family Gatherings.

For more odd 2015 alternate costumes head to page two.

Super Smash Bros. - Ryu's Orange Karate Gi

Fans have been happy about getting new Smash Bros. characters with regularity since launch that extended into 2015. But the alternate costumes have been mediocre at best. Cloud, despite somehow having a handful of distinct looks across a single game, only has standard Cloud, Advent Children Cloud, and red string on his arm Cloud.

The goofiest/ugliest though, has to go to Ryu with his bright orange karate gi. What kind of self-respecting martial arts expert would wear an orange karate gi? Maybe one of the most non-Nintendo requested Super Smash Bros. characters ever, i.e. Goku? This is the closest we'll probably ever get.

Batman: Arkham Knight - 1960s Batman

The Arkham series of games have been no stranger to interesting costumes and fun call-outs to classic Batman designs, but the goofiest has to be a costume celebrating Batman's goofiest period: The 1960s Batman costume originally worn by Adam West. I am so happy this costume exists to brighten up Gotham City's bleak world.

Bloodborne - Executioner set

image credit: gosunoob

Bloodborne's costume sets represents the goth kids who you thought actually dressed pretty cool, but there are a handful of oddities that muddy the bunch. One particular standout is the Executioner set, which looks like someone was really excited about cosplaying as Silent Hill's Pyramid Head but lost all motivation to create something cool halfway through the project and decided to wear a dumb bell instead.

Super Mario Maker - Mahjong tile

image credit: Mario Maker reddit

Mario Maker has a ton of optional costumes – 120 to be exact. There are a lot of weird and dumb ones, but our favorite in the goofy category has to be number 97 – the mahjong tile. Awarded after clearing the 100 Mario Challenge on the normal setting or harder, the mahjong tile is exactly what it claims to be – a mahjong tile.

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