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test chamber

Test Chamber – Cloud Strife's Grand Super Smash Bros. Debut

by Ben Hanson on Dec 16, 2015 at 06:30 AM

With yesterday's final Nintendo Direct dedicated to Super Smash Bros., we learned not only that Bayonetta and Corrin from Fire Emblem will be joining the roster but that Cloud Strife is now available to download. I'm joined by Kyle Hilliard in this Test Chamber as we test out the troubled youth's fan-service-packed moves and the new stage set in Final Fantasy VII's Midgar. Then, even though we promised that the last time was the final time, we rekindle the fan-favorite eight-player Smash matches with our interns Marcus Stewart, Joseph Knoop, and Parker Lemke. These eight-player matches are an ongoing "multi-part series," so you can find episodes onetwothreefourfive, or six, by following the links.

Check out the video below to see Cloud Strife in action.

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