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16 New Details About GTA Online's Executives And Other Criminals Update

by Matthew Kato on Dec 15, 2015 at 07:58 AM

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Grand Theft Auto Online's latest free update – Executives and Other Criminals – thinks big. Yachts with helipads, armored limos, and a posse of bodyguards aren't just trappings of the good life, they're the tools of the trade when it comes to surviving and thriving in GTA Online's freemode. The update is out now for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, and we've got a suitcase full of new details you'll want to know about.

VIPs & Bodyguards

You can become the head of an organization as a VIP when you have at least $1M in your Maze bank account. Once you're a VIP, you can hire up to three other players to serve as your bodyguards. From here you and your armored entourage get special abilities, participate in exclusive jobs and PvP challenges, and more.

  • VIP status lasts four hours, and there can only be a maximum of six VIPs per freemode session.
  • Customize the look of your organization with 12 exclusive VIP outfits (they cannot be bought), which come with corresponding outfits for your bodyguards.
  • Bodyguards' $5,000 salary lasts for 15 minutes of service. Bodyguards' cash winnings in freemode (apart from VIP work and challenges through the organization) are given to the VIP.
  • VIPs can remove wanted levels as well as call in armor/ammo/vehicle drops and more.
  • VIPs auto-spawn near bodyguards and vice versa. Moreover, bodyguards earn 100RP per minute for being around the VIP. An added RP boost is given for delivering a VIP limo.
  • Bodyguards also receive up to two levels of increased stat boosts for being in the vicinity of a VIP, depending on the VIP's rank (in the areas of stamina, shooting, strength, stealth, flying, driving, and lung capacity).

VIP Business

The update features six new VIP game types (called VIP work) as well as another six kinds of VIP challenges. Rockstar has already talked about some of them, but here are some they haven't mentioned:

VIP Work:

  • Executive Search: Protect your VIP for 10 minutes while everyone else in the session hunts them for a reward.
  • Sightseer: Hack to uncover the locations of packages scattered throughout the map while other organizations try and stop you. Rockstar suggests using vehicles like the Bravado Verlierer, Imponte Nightshade, and Declasse Mamba for the job.

VIP Challenges:

  • Point to Point: The VIP sets a destination and everyone races to it for a first-place prize. Races can last up to 10 minutes.
  • Courier Service: Each player has a bag of cash dropped off for them around the map. Players must pick up and deliver the bag, but with each hit they take the bag loses cash. The winner is the one who delivers the most cash. They are paid the sum of the remaining cash as well as a bonus.
  • Due Diligence: Players track down packages in a designated area by using the Trackify app and listening for the package's beeping sound. Once the package is found, another appears and so on. Players get $100 for the first package, and $100 more for each one after that. Get the most and you win. If you don't find a package within a minute after it appears, a flare will fire from its location.

Yacht Rocking

VIPs can purchase a yacht – complete with an anti-air defense system – that comes with its own captain and which can be moored at a dozen locations around Los Santos and Blaine County. Their appearance can be customized (flag, hull colors, name) and different models come with features like hot tubs and attendant sea vehicles.

  • Select yacht models come with a helicopter and helipad
  • Your phone comes with a yacht contact. While on the yacht you can arrange for personal vehicles to be waiting for you on the shore. Conversely, while you're on land you can have helicopters and boats take you to your yacht.
  • Yachts come with interiors, functioning as second apartments
  • Up to 8-players can get into the yacht's hot tub. There is also the option to drink at the bar and take a seat on deck.
  • Each bedroom has weapon pickups.

For more information on Grand Theft Auto Online's Executives and Other Criminals update, head over to the official Rockstar site.