Test Chamber – Devil's Third

by Joe Juba on Dec 14, 2015 at 02:09 PM

Devil's Third was released in North America on December 11, despite some rumors earlier this year that Nintendo was thinking twice about its support of the title. The Wii U exclusive comes from the minds at Valhalla Game Studios, including Tomonobu Itagaki (of Ninja Gaiden fame). We're playing it right now for review, and you can watch us hack, shoot, and smoke our way through an early level.

Join editors Joe Juba, Dan Tack, and Andrew Reiner – along with our intern Parker Lemke – as we look at this hybrid action game. It has guns, swords, bazookas, kukris, and a bunch of other instruments of death. It also has a main character who has a story tattooed on his body. Sure, it might not be the epitome of modern sensibilities and design, but not every game needs to be high art, right? 

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