The First Place You Should Visit In Just Cause 3

by Andrew Reiner on Dec 11, 2015 at 04:16 PM

After completing Just Cause 3's tutorial sections, you can add a ridiculously powerful weapon to your arsenal, if you're willing to travel over 15 miles to the north. The weapon of note is the Fire Leech, a rocket launcher that can target multiple objects at once.

The only challenge lying between you and the Fire Leech is the Cava Geminos Nord military base. Destroy all of its designated targets (highlighted in red paint), and the Leech is yours. Cava Geminos' security is strict and will put up a good fight, but don't fear death. All progress made with each life is retained. You can die over and over and still walk away with this awesome firearm. 

Cava Geminos Nord is located at the coordinates 47.979, 33.935. Want more fire power? Liberate the Vulure base at 49,621, 32,301 to unlock the useful Bomber Jet.