Blog Herding – The Best Blogs Of The Community (December 10, 2015)

by Game Informer Editorial on Dec 10, 2015 at 05:00 AM

It is obvious that the 2015 Game Awards were on a lot of blogging minds this past week. So with that in mind, expect Blog Herding to follow that theme.

Community Blogs For December 3 – December 9:

Uncharted 4 Multiplayer Beta Impressions
Justin Mikos has played the multiplayer in Uncharted games since the second iteration of the series. I had no idea there was a multiplayer component until I read this blog and realized that yes, there was indeed one I never tried. From what Mikos writes, I may have to give the new multiplayer mode a chance when I inevitably buy the new Uncharted title. Team-based multiplayer is so much better than going alone.

The 7 Things I Hate About Each GOTY Nominee! First Up, The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt.
2077Survivor honors the best game of the year award by ripping it to shreds. I'm a fan of this feature. Too often gamers get caught up in hype, but Survivor isn't afraid to give an honest look back at some games that maybe weren't all that perfect.

The Long Dark Silence of Dark Cloud
Dark Cloud and its sequel are two of my favorite games from the PlayStation 2 era, so it was nice to see Adam H's blog on the classic. Building towns, however limited, and upgrading weapons until they were shiny tools of destruction was just a lot of fun during the summer breaks of yesteryear.  

It's Time To Forgive Microsoft, And Be Wary Of Sony
Marco Polo throws down the gauntlet to haters, crying foul on the Microsoft hate. He gives some good points as to why the company should win back trust, and I do agree that I don't like having to rebuy my classic games for PS4. But honestly, I just got sick of my Xbox 360 console breaking. Someday I'll own an Xbone.

The Best And Worst Moments Of The Game Awards 2015
GerardoExber has a lot to ponder when it comes to this year's awards show. Overall, he feels as though the awards show could make some improvements, but it wasn't bad by any means.

The Coolest Dragon Ball Z Game Never Made
Mray901 has an idea for the best DBZ game ever. It's not exactly what mine would be, but I like where the thought process brings us. A game made in the same vein as Bayonetta might make for a hell of a ride, but only if I can beat Frieza to a pulp. Hate that pale purple dude. Bonus points for focusing on Future Trunks. His adventure checks off a lot of boxes that make for a compelling story.

Post Game Awards 2015 Thoughts
Rebekah Lang gives us her two pennies on the awards show, and it seems to follow a trend: it was okay but could be better. A vast improvement each year it seems, the awards show should eventually hit its stride.  

Writing Challenge Responses:

Community Writing Challenge: Best Years Of Gaming. 4 Games Series I Would Like To See Return
GerardoExber is a vet when it comes to writing community challenge responses, and his latest one doesn't disappoint. Beyond Good and Evil? Absolutely divine. Mega Man Zero? A solid direction for Mega Man games. Onimusha? Yeah – that was an absolute treat. Let's fuse classic Resident Evil gameplay and feudal Japan again, please. And Dark Cloud? We've already had a blog on this game, so clearly it is a classic.

Community Writing Challenge:

With winter upon some of us (I live in Minnesota), let's take this week to write about winter wonderlands in video games. What are your favorites? What do you like about them? For my fiancé, she likes ice skating around in a giant ice skate in Super Mario 3D World, time limit be damned. Nothing gives her more joy in a video game. Nothing.

Community Playdate:

I'm currently rethinking how to best get the community gaming together, so expect this feature to come back soon.

I hope you enjoy the blogs! Please contact me via my Game Informer page or on Twitter at @LouisGarcia12 with any blog news or playdate suggestions.