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How To Access Bloodborne’s Old Hunters DLC

by Daniel Tack on Nov 23, 2015 at 05:40 AM

Bloodborne: The Old Hunters hits tomorrow (read our review), and while you can start playing with the league and engaging in co-op today, the actual DLC content does require some exploration to unlock. Getting there requires the player to defeat Vicar Amelia (this applies to whatever stage of new game + you’re in as well, if you don’t feel like starting fresh) and touching the object behind her. After you’ve done this, head back to the Hunter’s Dream – there will be some new messengers there with an item for you, the Eye of the Blood-Drunk Hunter. You need this item in order to access the new area, the Hunter’s Nightmare.

Just having the item in your possession isn’t enough, though. The next part isn’t obvious at all, so if you’re not looking for it, this is incredibly easy to miss. Head to the Cathedral Ward lamp and hang a left to go into the rotunda. Kill the couple of wandering enemies here if you want to search safely, and then start hanging out by trees in this small area. You’re looking for a tree that has an unseen arm come out and grab you in this location – normally this would be a point of odd frustration and death in the base game, but with the eye in your possession you’ll be lifted up and taken to the Hunter’s Nightmare.

Note that while you can go to the Hunter’s Nightmare immediately after besting Vicar Amelia, the content is definitely geared for higher-level/higher-geared characters, so if you do choose to dive in right away be ready for a serious challenge. You can access the Hunter’s Nightmare and the rest of the DLC content after your first visit from the headstone in the Hunter’s Dream directly across from the insight vending pool. Good luck, and happy hunting!