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A List Of Fallout 4 Observations

by Kyle Hilliard on Nov 15, 2015 at 12:48 PM

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I'm not very far into Fallout 4, but a few things have stuck out to me during the first handful of hours.

- It's very nice of Lisa Lucy Abernathy to pay me to pick the watermelons. I'm sure she has plenty of free time, and just chooses to be lazy and let passerbys pick them for her. Either that, or she just likes to let people feel useful.

- It only takes me a few seconds to clean up and scrap all the junk. Maybe someone else could help out every once in awhile.

- On that topic, I can move an entire car with the push of a button, but I can't remove a corpse? A collection of dead molerats have been hanging out at my gas station since the opening hours of the game.

- It's nice of friendlies to not assume I am a total creep considering I always sneak up to them. It's hard to tell the difference between enemies and friends from a distance.

- I met a doctor in the middle of nowhere and we spoke as if we had known each other for a long time. The doctor must have thought I was someone else. Either that or we had interacted before, I had totally forgotten, and was just pretending I knew who she was.

- Glad to see people still have a sense of humor in the post-apocalypse.

- Why does a floating babysitter robot have a buzzsaw appendage? It's a great tool in the post-apocalypse, but I can't think of a single situation where you would need a buzzsaw anywhere near a baby.

- Fallout 4 is the perfect game for playing while half-watching all those Netflix stand-up specials you have been meaning to watch.

- Why can't Codsworth say my name?

- Preston Garvey maybe places too much trust in people. He's very quick to believe I have been asleep for 200 years, and has a lot of confidence in the premonitions of a drug-addled seer.

- It seems like I should be able to kick down any door once I get my strength high enough. I'm running out of bobby pins.

- I found a suit in the wasteland, and I now don't think I will ever change my clothes, regardless of their armor bonuses.

- It's nice of the random folks I barter with to give me bottle caps for what is often literally garbage.