Replay – Earthworm Jim 3D

by Wade Wojcik on Nov 13, 2015 at 02:00 PM

A critical and commercial success on the Genesis and SNES, the original Earthworm Jim seemed to usher in a series with years of longevity. But with landmark icons like Sonic and Mario shifting from 2D side-scrollers to 3D in the late '90s, the beloved space-faring worm was thrown into the third dimension with Earthworm Jim 3D, which is widely considered a flop.

Fortunately for Jim, the Replay crew is here with open arms. Join Tim Turi, Andrew Reiner, Kimberley Wallace, and Kyle Hilliard on this journey of poor frame rate. And please, if you do nothing else, stick around for the second segment. It's a visual treat.


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