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video interview

The Road To Detroit: Inside Quantic Dream's Tech Demos

by Ben Hanson on Oct 28, 2015 at 01:10 PM

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This video interview was originally posted on 9/26/2013, but we thought it was worth looking at again in honor of Quantic Dream's announcement that the Kara tech demo is now their next game called Detroit: Become Human. It's interesting to think that Cage's natural segue between talking about the popularity of the Kara tech demo and their mysterious PlayStation 4 project could have been one and the same topic.

In between their games, Quantic Dream has made a habit of releasing ambitious tech demo videos. Starting with The Casting back in 2006, and continuing with Project Kara and The Dark Sorcerer at E3 2013, Quantic Dream uses these smaller projects to test out new equipment and flex their creative muscle. I spoke with David Cage about the history of these tech demos and what Sony gets out of the whole process, Cage also offers a few hints about their next full game for the PlayStation 4. To learn more about David Cage's approach to game design and Beyond: Two Souls, click here to watch our video interview.

Watch the video interview with David Cage below to learn more about how their tech demos were inspired by Pixar and what the studio has in mind for their first PlayStation 4 game.