Better Late Than Never: Five Popular PC Games Available For Console

by Joe Juba on Oct 18, 2015 at 08:00 AM

The PC and console gaming communities aren’t as far apart as they once were. While there are some experiences you can only get on one platform or the other, this year we’ve seen many talked-about PC games migrate over to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This list highlights five titles that got a lot of buzz surrounding their original releases, and are now available (or will be soon) to a brand new audience on consoles.

Goat Simulator
PC Release: April 1, 2014
New Release: April 17, 2015 (Xbox One); August 11, 2015 (PS4)
Game Informer’s Original Score: 5/10
“I don’t completely regret playing Goat Simulator, but I also don’t recommend it to anyone looking for more than disposable entertainment involving goats making people fall down and blowing up gas stations. I appreciate that Coffee Stain Studios is in on the joke, but acknowledging a game is bad doesn't suddenly make it good.” — Tim Turi (full review)

Grow Home
PC Release: February 4, 2015
New Release: September 1, 2015 (PS4)
Game Informer’s Original Score: 6/10
“I appreciate when a game has plenty of charm, but it needs to support other elements that are executed well. Call me a grump if you must, but an abundance of quirk and whimsy cannot completely compensate for threadbare design and clunky mechanics. That’s a lesson thoroughly reinforced by Grow Home.” — Joe Juba (full review)

The Talos Principle
PC Release: December 11, 2014
New Release: October 13, 2015 (PS4)
Game Informer’s Original Score: 9/10
“The Talos Principle is a meaty puzzle experience that will take you over a dozen hours to complete and then leave you chewing on some of life’s greatest mysteries for weeks. You might not be able to solve the nature of humanity, but the rest of this game’s puzzles will leave you feeling brilliant enough to try.” — Ben Reeves (full review)

Wasteland 2
PC Release: September 19, 2014
New Release: October 13, 2015 (PS4, Xbox One)
Game Informer’s Original Score: 8.75/10
“Thankfully, an undercurrent of humor runs beneath the dark story, with in-jokes relating to other games or pop culture. These continual jovial jabs help put a smile on your face even as you begrudgingly sign someone’s death warrant or splatter a bespectacled man’s head with a scattergun.” — Daniel Tack (full review)

Divinity: Original Sin
PC Release: June 30, 2014
New Release: October 27, 2015 (PS4, Xbox One)
Game Informer’s Original Score: 9/10
“Divinity: Original Sin isn’t just a great turn-based RPG, it stands tall on its own as an amazing title where players can truly blaze their own paths through the world as elemental wizards, crafty rogues, and brutal warriors.” — Daniel Tack (full review)