The Sexiest Exotic Armor In Destiny

by Matt Miller on Sep 30, 2015 at 12:10 PM

Shortly after Destiny originally launched in 2014, we went through and highlighted our favorite looking weapons in the game. Of course, that list only included weapons that appeared in the base game, and didn’t account for items that would release in later expansions. Today, we’re taking a similar tack to examine the coolest looking armor in the game, but this time, we have over a year’s worth of entries to choose between. Did your favorite make the list?

We’ve kept the focus here on cosmetic and aesthetic coolness; this isn’t a list of the best functional armor pieces. And while there are loads of awesome armor pieces from the raids, Trials of Osiris, Prison of Elders, and Iron Banner, we’ve kept the focus here specifically on Exotic pieces. 

10. Khepri’s Sting

You either love it, or you hate it, but there’s no denying that Khepri’s Sting catches the eye. With what appears to be a live and moving giant beetle attached to the Hunter’s forearm, these gauntlets are more than a little creepy, but also appear unlike anything else in the Destiny armor catalog. The name derives from an Egyptian god often connected with scarab beetles and the sun, which is appropriate, as many solar gunslingers use the gauntlets for a taste of invisibility.

9. Peregrine Greaves

Argue about their usefulness all you want; nobody wears cooler pants than the Titan who has these armored beasts on their legs. The peregrine falcon is known as a fierce bird of prey that is deadly as it approaches its prey from the air, which lines up just fine with exotic’s chief melee-oriented jumping perk. The leg pieces themselves accentuate a traditional Titan armor look through its circular gems, and the extended spikes on the side evoke a bird in flight.

8. Crest of Alpha Lupi

The Hunter class is often connected to the vision of a lone wolf, and the Crest of Alpha Lupi helps feed into that mystique, even if the chest piece’s chief perk is to aid in reviving teammates. The intricate filigree and raised wolf’s head recalls the royal armor of European kings, and the metallic breastplate acts as a perfect centerpiece to a Hunter’s otherwise often mismatched outfit.

7. Light Beyond Nemesis

One of the most popular helms among Warlocks, Light Beyond Nemesis has a distinctive shape that players can identify from far across the field. The raised spikes feel both militant and delicate, looking at times like a bird’s head feathers. However, the clearest allusion created by the helmet is to the leaves of a Greek wreath of laurels – a reward once given to victors in the Ancient Olympic games, and also tied to images of the god Apollo. 

6. Impossible Machines

The newest gauntlet option for Warlocks leaves no doubt about your preferred element. Arc lightning courses up and down the gloves, and the exposed coils and raised wires look like something drawn out of a Tesla-fueled steampunk comic book. The sparking and crackling electricity offers a visual effect that looks amazing any time your character is in third-person view.

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5. Celestial Nighthawk

One of several exotic items that suggest bird-related symbolism, the Hunter’s Celestial Nighthawk communicates a striking visual flair. The helm is reminiscent of Native American masks, many of which were used in ceremonial dances and performances. As an added bonus, the Nighthawk’s predator eyes glow when you aim down the sights of your gun.

4. Helm of Saint-14

Perhaps the most famous of the Titans in Destiny’s backstory, the Exo named Saint-14 led a crusade against the Fallen, and disappeared into the wilderness, never to be seen again. Luckily, someone found his helmet, which is one of the most popular single exotics in the game. It finds a spot on this list thanks to its distinctive crest – a clear nod to the galea headwear of Ancient Greek soldiers or Roman gladiators, who held the line in fights against savage opponents. 

3. The Ram

Overtones of pagan ritual and necromantic death magic are apparent at a first glance of the Warlock’s Ram helm. The curved horns and boney protrusions call to mind sorcerous wizards, which is of course exactly the point. Beneath the skull shapes, a more familiar space helmet lurks – offering a perfect poster child item to represent Destiny’s clever mix of fantasy and science-fiction archetypes. While we had to choose one entry for this list, the very similar Stag helm is also remarkable.

2. Ruin Wings

From a visual perspective, what’s one of the big reasons to play Titans? Big shoulders! And the Ruin Wings have got that covered.  Like many Titan items, the look calls to mind knights in shining armor, but no other Titan arm piece has such a defined and signature sculpted shape. Within the fiction, it’s implied that the Ruin Wings are derived from a mysterious tree in Black Garden, adding to the piece’s powerful appeal.

1. Graviton Forfeit

One of Destiny’s newest exotic items gets our nod for the sexiest. The styling Hunter is the lucky class with access to this glowing masterpiece, whose chief ability offers increased evasion opportunities. The helmet itself ties in well to the Nightstalker’s new purple void look, and the helmet’s front looks like a gaping, toothed maw waiting to devour opponents. 


What did we get wrong? And what obvious choice did we leave off the list? Share your thoughts in the comments below.