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Test Chamber – Tearaway Unfolded

by Jeff Cork on Sep 08, 2015 at 10:55 AM

Media Molecule's Tearaway was a great game on VIta, and now it's available on  PlayStation 4. Tearaway Unfolded tweaks the original design to accommodate the PS4's controller, resulting in a game that's more remix than retread. See for yourself in our latest Test Chamber.

Reiner and I decided to temporarily take a break from being moon people in this episode of the show to give you a look at Atoi's adventure. Reiner may be a great gamer, but his spotlighting abilities leave much to be desired. Watch and learn.

I really enjoyed the game, as you can read in my review. Tearaway Unfolded starts off slowly – your character can't even jump during the initial moments – but it builds toward something special. 

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