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Test Chamber – Watch Us Spawn As Many Jar Jars As We Can In Disney Infinity 3.0

by Andrew Reiner on Aug 28, 2015 at 12:35 PM

After running into trouble in the Marvel universe last year, Disney Infinity is back in fighting form, thanks in large part to the experiences it delivers in the Star Wars universe. Jeff Cork joins me for a brief look at numerous aspects of Disney Infinity 3.0, including both Star Wars play sets, the Toy Box, and the surprisingly fun Toy Box Takeover.

We show off as many new characters as we can, and even show you how many Jar Jar characters can be spawned at once in the Toy Box. For a full rundown of Disney Infinity 3.0's features, check out our cover story hub. For analysis of the game's components, give our review a read.

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