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Test Chamber – Gears Of War: Ultimate Edition

by Andrew Reiner on Aug 18, 2015 at 08:08 AM

As we patiently wait for The Coalition to reveal new details about Gears of War 4, we're invited to revisit the game that started it all. I think you'll agree that it's good to see Marcus and Dom again. Boasting a bevy of audio and video enhancements, their inaugural adventure looks like it belongs on Xbox One. Gears of War: Ultimate Edition boasts all of the single-player bonus content from the PC version of the game, and offers a slightly different multiplayer experience, beginning with the action moving at 60 frames per second.

Matt Miller joined me for a look at the opening moments of this remastered game. We discuss a number of its new features, and show off plenty of carnage along the way. Gears of War: Ultimate Edition releases on August 25 for Xbox One.

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