More Than 50 Of The Worst Video Game Shirts Money Can Buy

by Andrew Reiner on Aug 07, 2015 at 10:12 AM

Whether we realize it or not, we've all worn horrible shirts before. In our early years, we were dressed in clothing that other people thought was cute or funny. You know, like a shirt with a moose on it that says "Easily A'moose'd," or another that simply says "Daddy's Little Poop Machine." In our teenage years, most of us wore what was trendy. I wore suspenders around my waist in grade school, and loved wearing a neon t-shirt that said nothing but "Rad!" Our adult years do us no favors, either. Enthusiasm for bands often leads to the purchase of a cheesy tour t-shirt. We also think we have a great sense of humor, and purchase shirts with puns like "It's Nacho Problem," "I Found This Humerus," and "Holy Shih Tzu." I'll let you use your imagination to figure out what is on those shirts. And let's not forget those hilariously inappropriate shirts like "My Pen is Huge" with carefully placed lettering. Fact: We're not as funny as we think we are. But, I think we can all safely say we are funnier than the people who created and/or purchased the shirts you are about to see in this article.

I scoured the Internet, clothing shops, and coworkers' closets to find the worst video game shirts out there – the kind that should make you audibly groan and perhaps even wince in pain. The Internet is filled with horrible video game clothing for sale. Some of it comes from respectable retailers like Target and Hot Topic. You'll also find user-created sites like Red Bubble and Cafe Press are swimming in barf-worthy stuff.

If anything, I hope this article will help you pinpoint horrible shirts in the future. You may see a shirt that makes you giggle, but I'm hoping the knowledge you garnered here today will make you think twice about purchasing and wearing it. I hope you enjoy the gallery, and may the pixel makers have mercy on the people of the world who are actively wearing these shirts as they walk around malls, hang out with friends, raise their children, and do anything in public.

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This last one is a trick. It's actually the best shirt ever made.