Replay – Donkey Konga With King Of Kong's Steve Wiebe

by Andrew Reiner on Jul 18, 2015 at 03:00 AM

The King of Kong, Steve Wiebe, joins the Game Informer staff for a discussion about all things Donkey Kong and his time in the hit documentary film, all while playing Donkey Kong-themed games he's never heard of. The fun begins with Donkey Konga, a GameCube rhythm game that uses bongo controllers. We eventually play the game four-player to determine who the King of Konga truly is.

Our next segment pits Wiebe against his worst nightmare for a brief battle. We end the show with Wiebe showing us why he's a math teacher. As always, leave us questions and feedback in the comments section below. We hope you enjoy this special episode. We'll see you again in seven days!

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