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Missing In Action: The Absent Crew Of Tacoma Space Station

by Kimberley Wallace on Jul 08, 2015 at 09:00 AM

In Gone Home, Fullbright introduced us to a family and we discovered more about them by searching their belongings. The studio's latest project, Tacoma, has us learning about an entire space station's crew.

Space hasn't changed the fact that these are people who have everyday problems while harboring their own secrets and insecurities. Being locked on a space station also comes with its own sets of problems: How do these people deal with the isolation? When you take a job on Tacoma, it's a yearlong stint, so you're stuck with the same people day in, day out. "It's like if you were housemates with people, but could never leave the house," says Fullbright co-founder Steve Gaynor.

Tensions are bound to rise, but complicated relationships aren't the only intriguing threads. You also find out what brought these different characters to the space station in the first place. After all, Tacoma isn't exactly the cream of the crop for job postings. "You're stuck on the most remote, least cushy posting in the whole system for a year at a time, stuck in one spot," Gaynor says. "Think of the crew in those terms of, 'Who ends up here and why?' It's gotta be people that are competent, but they had no choice but to take this posting."

With that in mind, read on to discover the unique personalities you'll encounter on Tacoma. As seen in the screens below, instead of seeing videos of people directly, you view colored representations assembled from the station's positional tracking data.

Amy Ferrier (player character): Amy gets hired to Tacoma on short notice as its new operations specialist. When she's not on the clock, she's considered a "Spacer" - a free agent who maintains her own space freighter, salvaging resources from abandoned orbital platforms that float just outside Earth's atmosphere. Amy shows up for her first day on Tacoma, only to find no one in sight. She quickly discovers that everything is not as it should be, and uses her experience and technical skills to aid her in unraveling the station's mysteries. You also discover why Amy was chosen for this job. Amy is voiced by Sarah Grayson, who interestingly enough also lent her voice to Sam in Gone Home.

ODIN (station computer): ODIN, the Operational Data Interpreter Network interface, monitors all aspects of Tacoma's daily functions. Not a full artificial intelligence, ODIN's primary role is to provide the crew with information. However, he also controls access to all parts of the station, and his cooperation is critical to Amy's mission. This won't always be easy. Remember, ODIN's a computer, and it's certainly possible he's been manipulated to withhold certain information. ODIN is voiced by Carl Lumbly, who voiced C.M. Porter in Minerva's Den, the BioShock 2 DLC that part of the Fullbright team previously worked on.

Evelyn Victoria ("E.V.") St. James (Station Administrator): As the station administrator, E.V. basically runs the show on Tacoma, but she also has an interesting backstory. Her family has worked for generations in the aerospace manufacturing industry in Tacoma, Wash., but E.V. is the first of her family who's gone to space. After becoming a seasoned pilot and mission commander, she took up her current job on Tacoma, her hometown namesake. She ensures that the crew and space station are running smoothly at all times. She is also romantically involved with fellow crew member, Clive. The pair met while working on Tacoma together. E.V. is voiced by Dawnn Lewis, who is best known as Jaleesa on A Different World and LaBarbara Conrad on Futurama.

Andrew Dagyab (Botanist): As the botanist on Tacoma, Andrew cares for the plants that regulate the station's air supply, but other responsibilities fall to him, such as cultivating the protein supply for the crew's food and acting as station cook. He is central to the station's function, but sometimes feels taken for granted. Andrew's significant other, Mark, is back on Earth, which can't be easy for him. Andrew is voiced by Randall Park, who plays Danny Chung on Veep and Louis Huang on Fresh Off The Boat.

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Clive Siddiqi (Operations Specialist): Clive is responsible for making sure all of the little things run smoothly on the station, from scheduling and task management to making sure everyone's laundry gets done. Clive isn't exactly in love with his job, since the Tacoma posting isn't the most desirable. He's used to a more elite surrounding; he once worked as head concierge on a high-class orbital spa and resort. Unfortunately, the resort shut down when it was acquired by a different company. His new bosses shipped him off to Tacoma, and he's trying his best to prove he deserves to be returned to a higher-status position. Clive is romantically involved with E.V., who he met while working on Tacoma. T.J. Ramini , who played Salim in Uncharted 3 and Tarin Faroush in 24, voices Clive.

Sareh Hasmadi (Medical Officer): Sareh is responsible for the crew's medical care, physical fitness, and ensuring the rest of the crew has enough first aid knowledge to come through in an emergency. Due to the stress of her position, Sareh has developed a reliance on a highly addictive prescription sleep medication, which she keeps hidden from the rest of the crew. Karen Dryer, who voiced Sheva in Resident Evil 5 and Elena in the Street Fighter series, plays Sareh.

Roberta "Bert" Williams (Mechanical Engineer): Bert is responsible for making sure all the major systems of the station keep running efficiently, and maintain the crew's safety. Bert was posted to Tacoma along with her wife, Natali, the station's computer engineer. She has a big, outgoing personality, which functions to cover up her own insecurities. Abigail Marlow is the voice of Bert; she previously played Lithariel in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor.

Natali "Nat" Kuroshenko (Computer Engineer): As a teen, Nat gained some notoriety for hacking the public augmented-reality system at Disney World, but has since turned her abilities to legitimate network security. She's spent a number of years working at higher-profile facilities, but has followed her wife, Bert, to Tacoma station. Compared to what she's capable of, Nat doesn't find the work on Tacoma to be very challenging, and channels her energy into more recreational uses of augmented reality. Natasha Loring, best known as Sera Flowers from Telltale's Game of Thrones, voices Natali.  

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