Replay – Independence Day

by Andrew Reiner on Jul 04, 2015 at 03:00 AM

Replay is no stranger to bad games, but few are as downright terrible as the game based on the 1996 film Independence Day. Based on the hit motion picture that starred Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum, Independence Day doesn't feature the likeness of either actor, or any actors whatsoever. All of the film footage featured in the game is of airplanes flying around shooting alien ships. The game follows this blueprint and ends up being one of the most poorly constructed aerial-combat games of its day.

Independence Day is developed by Radical Entertainment and published by the now-defunct Fox Interactive. Tim Turi does his best to fly planes and shoot space nipples, but the gameplay he tries to wrangle may even be worse than Cyberia's. Rather than going outside, grilling food, and drinking in the sun, join us for 40 minutes of bad gaming. That's the best way to enjoy this holiday!

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