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Don't Have Time To Collect Every Riddler Trophy? Here Are Arkham Knight's Bonus Endings

by Andrew Reiner on Jul 01, 2015 at 06:42 AM

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Given the headline, I don't think I need to give a spoiler warning here, but just to be safe here's your all-in-caps, different-colored font SPOILER WARNING!!! This article dives into subject matter that you may not want ruined prior to reaching it in the game. Read on at your own risk, Batman fans.

By now, many of you have completed Batman: Arkham Knight. The ending delivers plenty of closure for the characters and city, but oddly isn't followed up by the typical credits sequences. Instead, you are plopped back into the world and are confronted with another mission: The Knightfall Protocol.To activate this mission, you'll need to mop up roughly half of the side activities in the game. If you were diligent in taking out the city-based threats, you should be able to activate the Knightfall Protocol in under an hour or two. We recommend doing this on your own, as the side content is pretty damn good, and gives you a good look at some of Batman's better-known adversaries. Once this mission is activated, you are rewarded with another ending. It's short, but awesome, and brings up numerous questions about Batman and Gotham.

Some of those questions are answered in the third ending, which is something every Arkham player needs to see. Getting to it requires a significant time commitment, as it can only be unlocked once 100 percent of the side content is complete. This means you have to complete Riddler challenge.

If you don't have the time to play Riddler's games, check out the video below. It shows both bonus endings. Feel free to discuss them in the comments section below. I have several theories I'd like to throw out there and I'll be watching the discussion!