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e3 2015

Read Our Most Popular E3 2015 Previews

by Kimberley Wallace on Jun 24, 2015 at 02:24 PM

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E3 has come and gone and it left us plenty excited, so excited that we filled our website with tons of previews. Keeping track of everything isn't easy during the show. We complied our most popular E3 2015 previews just in case you missed out on reading about one of your most anticipated games, or if you just wanted to get an idea of what really got people's attention.

19 Details Fans Need To Know About Fallout 4 
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Combat is receiving a major stimpak thanks to some consulting with id Software to improve the second-to-second shooting. Bethesda's goal? To have the shooting stand shoulder to shoulder with the other great options on the market. The studio even hired away some Bungie talent to help with this remodel. With the new, built-from-scratch shooting system, Howard says Fallout 4 plays much more like a modern shooter. You can aim down the sights, use V.A.T.S., and play in first or third person. - Matt Bertz

21 Things We Knonw About Dishonored 2
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Each character plays through the same series of missions, but each has different perspectives on the world. By playing through the campaign with both characters you will learn different things. There is no swapping between characters; once you choose one you stick with it until a second playthrough. - Matt Bertz

Hands-On With No Man's Sky's Unlimited Universe
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My planet was mostly aquatic with a few islands scattered about. I ran about and used my jetpack to get up to a higher area and a goat-like thing started chasing me. I shot it with my laser and immediately felt bad. This activated the Sentinel robots. They started chasing me around. And I had to hop in my ship and get the hell out of there. - Bryan Vore

Five Things We Learned Playing Star Wars Battlefront
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The gunplay feels much more forgiving and accessible, as well. An enhanced auto-aim makes it easier to get a bead on an enemy than Battlefield, and you spawn immediately back into the action after you die. - Matt Bertz

Exclusive Hands-On With Platinum’s Transformers: Devastation
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Until I’ve had more time with the combat system, it’s hard to say with certainty how well the combo-based action will hold up over a full game. However, my early play test left a strong impression, both that Platinum has brought their A-game to this property, and that the developer understands the fun and overblown nature of the Transformers property. - Matt Miller

What You Didn't See In The Horizon Zero Dawn Trailer
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While the demo's battles were certainly fun, the machines' existence and the tribes' relationship with them isn't necessarily only adversarial. Their sheer reason for being and man's relationship with them is one of the game's deeper mysteries – ones we can't wait to dive into.- Matthew Kato

Is Ghost Recon Wildlands The Next Blockbuster Shooter?
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Whatever way you want to play, this third-person, open-world shooter shows loads of promise. If Ubisoft can fill the mountains, canyons, salt flats, and city centers with activities while staying true to the tactical heart of the series, Ghost Recon Wildlands could carve a prominent and unique space for itself in the crowded and highly competitive shooter space. - Matt Bertz

Forget Assassin’s Creed Hitman Is The Real Assassin Of E3 2015
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Each level of Hitman is filled with up to 300 unique A.I. routines that dictate the behavior of the NPCs, and dynamically react to player actions. At one moment in our demo, we watched a bodyguard discover one of Agent 47’s mines, disarm it, and then take it into an evidence holding area. - Ben Reeves