The Coolest Screenshots Of E3 2015

by Matt Miller on Jun 19, 2015 at 12:01 PM

Game companies take advantage of E3 each year to show off how great their games are looking, and every year we’re astounded by the advances in technology and art that help the exhibited titles to look even better than the year before. We’ve picked out some of our favorite screenshots that have been revealed over the last week, and why they have us pumped about the coming year of games.

Most Heartwarming: The Last Guardian’s Submission

Anyone who has ever cared for an animal knows the special bond that can form between creature and human. This screenshot speaks to the potential emotional depth of The Last Guardian, as the massive creature seems to bow its head in deference to the much smaller boy. We can’t wait to see more of this long-awaited project, especially after we witnessed this extended demo.

Awesomest Attack: Destiny’s Stormcaller

The Taken King is on the way in September as Destiny’s biggest expansion to date, and it brings with it new subclasses for all three classes. For pure cool factor, it’s hard to beat this look at a warlock going full Sith Lord on his unfortunate Crucible opponent. Learn more about the expansion in Bungie’s recent vidoc, and check out additional screens.

Perfect Representation Of Why We Love The Game: Nathan Drake’s Wild Rope Swing In Uncharted 4

Uncharted has always provided a dose of adrenaline, pulpy action, and vibrant characters, and this single moment encapsulates it all. Drake is an "act first, ask questions later" kind of hero, and we love the action and energy this screenshot represents. Learn more about why Uncharted 4 might be the coolest installment yet in Naughty Dog’s celebrated series.

Best Environment Shot: The Sprawling Ruins of Dark Souls III

With each new installment, From Software gathers new players into its atmospheric worlds. After the offshoot project Bloodborne drew yet more fans into the fold, this year brought us the announcement of the next numbered Dark Souls entry, and this screen captures much of what has us so thrilled. A huge, bleak, and dangerous world is open to exploration and discovery, and we’re ready to brave the frustration and terror to see what hides down among the ruins, like our look at one of the game's titanic bosses

Coolest Aesthetic: Yoshi’s Woolly World

Yoshi’s upcoming adventure continues to impress with each new appearance. The Wii U has the power to bring Nintendo’s imaginative worlds to life as never before, and this screen perfectly encapsulates what we love about the project. By mixing classic Mario-style platforming gameplay with the evocative and cute hand-stitched art style, Yoshi’s Woolly World looks like one of the most beautiful games Nintendo has ever crafted. Find out why Yoshi’s adventure is more than just a ball of yarn

Most Intriguing: Snake With Skullface in Metal Gear Solid V

Longtime fans know that Metal Gear delights in turning the tables on players' expectations. And so this tease of an interaction between Snake and Skullface is particularly surprising. Is Snake allied with the mysterious and seemingly villainous figure? Has one of them been captured by the other? We can’t wait to learn more about the sure-to-be crazy story, and we've got suggestions of how to prepare for your confrontation with the Phantom Pain.

Most Nostalgic: Ryu Blasts M. Bison

Street Fighter IV wowed the fighting game community with its amazing new art style, and it looks as if the fifth numbered installment is just as artistically engaging. Street Fighter V announced some new characters at the show, but this screen is the one that has us the most excited, showing off the same throwdown we remember from the 90s with such fondness. Ryu uses his signature blast to take out his longtime opponent, reminding us of those heady days in the arcade playing Street Fighter II. Hadouken! Check out our impressions from the show

Greatest Feeling Of Potential: Fallout 4 – Exiting the Vault

Sure, there may be screens that showcase more action and characters than this one, but no moment in a Bethesda game  is more amazing than the first sight of the open world sprawling in front of you. Fallout 4 offers a fascinating twist on the standard franchise convention. The world your character emerges into is a ruined version of one he left behind 200 years ago. We can’t wait to wander the wastelands of Boston. If you feel the same, here’s 19 facts you should know about the upcoming game, and details you may have missed in the trailer.

Most Thrilling Screenshot of E3 2015: Horizon’s Metallic Dragon

Guerrilla Games has been working on the Killzone series for years, but the team has finally turned its eye to a new project, and we couldn’t be more pleased. Horizon Zero Dawn’s debut showcased a prehistoric world with technological overtones, and this screen represents everything that us stoked to see this new action/RPG brought to life. Metallic beasts, an active weather system, a huge world, and a compelling new protagonist to learn about, all encapsulated in this one awesome image. Find out what we learned from Horizon’s E3 demo, and peruse more screenshots from this surprising debut.

What images from this year's show got you the most excited? Share your picks in the comments below.