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E3 Rivals – Rock Band 4 Vs. Guitar Hero Live

by Ben Hanson on Jun 18, 2015 at 04:20 PM

Like two resurrected fighters getting back into the ring, E3 2015 saw the return of both Rock Band and Guitar Hero. Just like riding a bicycle, Game Informer's Bryan Vore and Jeff Cork get back into the swing of comparing the plastic instrument titles based on their showing at E3. The paths are branching, as Guitar Hero Live is embracing guitars and live-action concert footage and Rock Band 4 is attempting to corner the market on freestyle solos and party play.

Watch Bryan Vore and Jeff Cork talk about their experiences playing both games and why it might be time to choose a side and stick to it.

For more on Rock Band 4, read our hands-on impressions. We've also had extended time playing Guitar Hero Live as well.