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Here's What You Missed In The Fallout 4 Trailer

by Jeff Cork on Jun 03, 2015 at 08:35 AM

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Bethesda teased that some kind of Fallout 4 news would be coming out this morning, and it didn't disappoint. Instead of a message along the lines of, "Fallout 4's  coming, more details are coming at E3," the studio decided to let the game speak for itself. Bethesda released a three-minute trailer today filled with in-game footage. There are loads of details that Fallout fans will appreciate including a look at how Boston fared after the bombs fell. Read on to see what you may have missed.

Update: Since we originally posted this, we were give several high-res screenshots from the trailer. You can look at them in the image gallery. Click on them to zoom in closer.

:25 Sec – We open with a close-up shot of a TV test pattern. Pulling back, you can see that it's a Radiation King set – a popular brand in the Fallout universe – accompanied by the Ink Spots crooning their 1947 song, "It's All Over but the Crying." If that group rings a bell, it should. Their music has been featured in the Fallout games since the first entry in the series. As you noticed, we're in a living room that's seen better days. Let's just blame it on the nuclear apocalypse. 

:33 Sec Here, we get another look at the home's interior, only as it appeared before the bombs dropped. It looks like someone was playing the popular (and prescient) board game Blast Radius. If you were concerned that Bethesda would inexplicably be dropping the '50s-era decor, this should ease your mind. Was anyone really concerned about that though?

:37 Sec – It's a pup! You'll be seeing a lot of this guy throughout the trailer. Notice the odd-looking appliance on the left side of the image. People were obsessed with automation and gadgetry before everything fell apart.

:45 Sec – Recognize this floating robot? It's a Mister Handy! Here it is, going about his morning routine of making life easier for the people it serves. People who can't get enough turquoise, apparently.

:48 Sec – The dog continues to sniff his way around the house, passing a table with a box of Sugar Bombs cereal. That brand was scarce in Fallout 3, serving as a quest item for a ghoul named Murphy. That dog-food bowl is bound to be a disappointment for our furry friend. We don't have a timeline for Fallout 4 yet, but odds are that the bowl hasn't been filled in a few centuries.

:58 Sec – That Mister Handy unit looked nice and shiny, and it looks like we know why. Unless the people who lived here were massive hoarders, it was a recent purchase, judging from the fact they kept the packaging. We also hear a radio host interrupt the broadcast with reports of nuclear attacks. Does that voice sound familiar? It should.

1:07 Sec – In another pre-war shot, we see parents doting over their infant. They went with a rocket motif, with matching carpet and mobile. On the dresser, you can see a Nuka Cola truck – another common brand in the Fallout series. UPDATE: An eagle-eyed reader pointed out something we originally missed: Moments before we enter the bedroom, when it's still in its post-war state, you can spy what looks like a copy of Fallout 3's You're Special! book. It was used in the game to help determine your character's attributes. Thanks, Anthony!

1:19 Sec – The dog tears off out the door, giving us our first glimpse at the outside wastelands. It's dreary, but there's a little bit of blue in the sky. Hey, we're trying to remain hopeful here.

1:22 Sec – Now we alternate between what the dog is seeing in Fallout 4's presence compared to what it looked like before the blast. The boy isn't running to meet his friends for a game of catch. Look closely at the people in the street, and you can see that panic is starting to take hold. That aircraft roaring over the street doesn't seem to inspire calm, either.

1:25 Sec – The boy keeps running, trailing behind other residents who seem to have the same idea. Could we get a chance to play this section, experiencing the horror of the nuclear blasts first-hand?

1:25 Sec – The dog continues to chase the boy's phantom. Now we get a sense of where they were headed. People are grouping around the entrance to one of the game's nuke-proof vaults. Some aren't able to get in, looking at their former neighbors through wire fencing for what's most likely the last time. The guys in power armor are an effective deterrent for people who think they can sneak in.

1:29 Sec – Here's a better shot of the billboard. "Prepare for the Future," indeed.

1:32 Sec – It looks like we'll be hailing from vault 111 in Fallout 4. The blast doors open, blinding us with light. The player character takes his first steps outside, shielding his face with his arm. Incidentally, his arm is equipped with a Pip-Boy computer. Those things are handy. Around this time, we also hear Ron Perlman recite his famous "War. War never changes," line. Before he gives us that catchphrase, though, he was the voice in the radio broadcast talking about the impending attacks. While we still don't really know much about his character, at least we have a sense of where this "War never changes" guy fits into the timeline.

1:36 Sec – Here, you can see the neighborhood that we saw in its prime earlier. 

1:36 Sec – Here, we get a shot of the skyline of a larger city. Where on Earth could we be? OK, fine. It's Boston.

1:36 Sec – This ship looks an awful lot like the the USS Constitution, though it appears that Old Ironsides has had a few high-tech upgrades. Those engines have to be aftermarket upgrades.

1:41 Sec – Here's a street-level view of the action. In Fallout lore, Boston is part of the Commonwealth, and one of its areas of expertise is robotics. MIT is now known as The Institute, which is referenced in a Fallout 3 quest called The Replicated Man, as well as Mr. House's back story in Fallout: New Vegas. They're capable of creating androids that are nearly indistinguishable from humans. It's all a bit Blade Runner, which is why this shot is interesting. You could say the central figure is dressed like The Mysterious Stranger, a perk-related character from the series who helps out from time to time, but it's just as likely it's a nod to what the character Deckard wore in Blade Runner. What's that Memory Den? Could it be a fancy name for a museum, or a high-tech way to go back in time and experience life as it was pre-war?

1:42 Sec – Hey, it's a brahmin! These two-headed beasts are a versatile herd animal in Fallout, used for their labor, meat, and milk. It would be great if you could use them as a mobile stash in Fallout 4 to prevent being overburdened. There's a radio tower, too, which makes the existence of in-game radio stations a fairly safe assumption at this point. This one looks like a great place to ransack, too.

1:43 Sec – That vehicle might have some items worth looting, too, but it's probably a good idea to wait until these Brotherhood of Steel guys move along. They may have claimed dibs, and it's not generally a great idea to press your luck with them.

1:44 Sec – This fellow looks like a Protectron guard robot without his tough outer shell. Pro Tip: Go into VATS and blast away at its face.

1:47 Sec – Our dog buddy is back, snooping around beneath an overpass.

1:48 Sec – Uh oh. Looks like the Deathclaws are back in Fallout 4. This one looks particularly big, so we'll just move on. 

1:49 Sec – It's tough to say for certain, but this looks an awful lot like the aircraft that flew over the neighborhood in the earlier part of the trailer. 

1:50 Sec – This might look like a junked-out wreck at first glance, but it's far more interesting than that. What's going on with that statue on the right-hand side?

1:51 Sec – Continuing along the baseball theme, here's a store that specializes in custom bats. Is it still in operation? Here's hoping, because it was one of our favorite melee weapons. What's that off in the distance?

1:54 Sec – All right, now we're talking. Here's Fallout 4's version of Fenway Park, possibly renamed Diamond City based on that surplus store's sign. Off in the distance, you can see the outline of the billboards above the Green Monster with one key difference: The Coke-bottle sign has been replaced by a Nuka Cola billboard. Those clever guys.

1:56 Sec – Here's another aircraft, passing by a statue of Paul Revere. You may have noticed a lot of bunting on the buildings. Maybe that's a Boston thing.

2:00 Secs – Here, you can get a better sense of the city, thanks to a friendly Brotherhood of Steel tour guide.

2:03 Sec – The golden dome of Massachusetts' State House managed to survive the nukes. Actually, this overall region seems to have done pretty well, all things considered.

2:09 Sec – Meanwhile, other people weren't so so lucky. Vault 111 closed before everyone was able to get inside, including the parents in the opening. Unless these are their doppelgangers, things aren't looking great for these guys. It's probably safe to put away plans of playing through the game's opening as an infant, a la Fallout 3. Well, not this infant.

2:22 Sec – Our canine buddy stops by a garage that happens to have been left open. Maximum security. There's a lot to take in here. Aside from the Nuka Cola memorabilia, there's what looks like a Vault-Tec poster or some kind of tchotchke display. There's a Vault Boy bobblehead, which are collectible items in the Fallout series, as well as a rack of comics – perfect reading to increase your skill points. A variety of weapons and add-ons are on a pegboard, right at home with a saw, roll of duct tape, and boltcutters. It's hard to miss the suit of power armor, which appears to be a work in progress. Don't miss the minigun under the tarp. It looks so cozy! Overall, the garage is all very well-organized. Is this an anomaly, or could this be some kind of home base for the player?

2:25 Sec – Uh oh. Someone's approaching. 

2:27 Sec – Aw, it's dad! You could have a dog companion in previous Fallout games, and it looks like they're back in Fallout 4. They aren't great when you want to be stealthy, but they're loyal. That's a big deal, in the hostile world of the wasteland.


What did you think of the trailer? Are you excited for the game? Did you see anything that we missed? Let us know in the comments!