History Of A Final Fantasy Summon: Alexander

by Joe Juba on May 15, 2015 at 10:30 AM

When it comes to the summoned beasts of the Final Fantasy series, Bahamut is probably the first that comes to mind. That's for a good reason: He's awesome. However, several other cool Eidolons have made multiple appearances throughout the course of the series. In this feature, we take a look at the video history of one of the most underrated recurring summons, and the only one that looks like a giant robotic cathedral: Alexander.

Final Fantasy VI
It isn't a coincidence that Alexander looks like a church in his inaugural appearance; he's the only Esper that can teach your characters the spell Holy. This sequence establishes many of Alexander's hallmarks for later games, including rising from the ground and shooting a tiny laser that erupts into a field of flame.

Final Fantasy VII
The move to 3D was good for Alexander, giving players a better idea of his enormous size. While Final Fantasy VII is infamous for dragging out its summoning animations, Alexander's is pretty short and to-the-point; he draws a weird glyph on the ground, but otherwise, it's pretty similar to his previous incarnation.

Final Fantasy VIII
This version breaks from tradition a little, since Alexander trades his signature laser beam for a salvo of explosive energy missiles. He also rises out of the ocean this time, but he still comes across as some sort of ancient, subterranean machine.

Final Fantasy IX
Though Alexander is a key part of a pivotal moment in Final Fantasy IX, you don't get to summon him in battle. That might have something to do with the fact that he's the size of an entire city. Anything that can defeat Bahamut with no more than a flash of its wings is definitely too overpowered to put in players' hands.

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Final Fantasy XI
In addition to being the final boss of the Treasures of Aht Urhgan expansion, players can also summon this Celestial Avatar themselves. Instead of dealing his usual brand of fiery doom, this version of Alexander casts "Perfect Defense," increasing your resistance to damage and status effects.

Final Fantasy XIII
Seeing one of Final Fantasy's coolest creatures saddled to one of its lamest characters is painful, but Alexander is a professional and doesn't complain (That won't stop me from complaining, though: Hope is terrible). 

(Warning: Do not watch if you haven't finished Final Fantasy Type-0, but plan to) 
Final Fantasy Type-0 HD
It may not be an official numbered entry, but Alexander's appearance in Type-0 is too cool not to mention. He's not just a robo-buddy who helps you out on the battlefield; he is a pure weapon of mass destruction this time around. 

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