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Eight GTA V Rockstar Editor Videos Show Off The Humor And Drama Of Los Santos

by Mike Futter on May 01, 2015 at 10:34 AM

Grand Theft Auto V and the Rockstar Editor have been out on PC for less than a month, but filmmakers are already flexing their creative muscles. We’ve watched a number of movies made with Rockstar’s tools and have selected eight to share with you.

Some of these were edited exclusively with the in-game tools. Others were given some extra care with external editing software.

Grab some popcorn and enjoy the show. You’ll laugh and, if you make it to the last one, you might even cry.

Wanted - A GTA V Machinima by RisingJake
There are a lot of action movie-style videos being created with the Rockstar Editor, but this one caught our eye. 

Portal Meets GTA V by Commandoflauge
This documentary-style video explores the life of James Foster, who finds a Portal gun and abuses the heck out of it.

Trevor Vs. Ape Mutant (Superman Vs. Batman Parody) by Tara Arts Game
Set against the audio of the first Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer, Trevor faces off against his ally-turned-nemesis. Will his gadgets be enough to take down the Ape Mutant?

Harold’s Day Off by Saucy_Wrench
Harold is a 96-year-old school teacher with a mean right hook. Every once in a while he needs a break, so he goes down to Vespucci Beach to start some s***.

Breaking Bad GTA V Remake Parody by Alby Plays
Breaking Bad might be over, but that doesn’t mean we can’t honor the groundbreaking series with homages. 

Skyfall by xCODFATHER4x
Some creators, like xCODFATHER4x, are using the Rockstar Editor to show off the beauty of the game on PC. Skyfall is a one-take, immersive free fall jump from a helicopter at sunset.

Street Fighter 2 by Wnfakind Gaming
With the help of some additional editing in Sony Vegas, Wnfakind Gaming recreated one of the SNES’ most iconic games. There aren’t any fireballs, but the effects are pretty slick.

Erase the Past by Spyloops
We saved the best for last. As people become more versed in using the Rockstar Editor, we’ll likely see better storytelling. This short film tells the story of a man who has lost someone important to him and the effect it has on his life. We’d love to see more like this.