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Top 10 Futuristic Technologies From Video Games We Wish Actually Existed

by Elise Favis on Apr 21, 2015 at 12:30 PM

Stepping into a virtual world where anything is possible, from having superhuman strength to casting magical spells, is one of the most appealing aspects of video games. Some games mix fantasy with a hint of realism, such as a cyberpunk universe exploring futuristic technologies. Believing or hoping that maybe someday these items could exist in real life, adds to the intrigue and immersion of that world. With the impending release of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided upon us, these thoughts and possibilities are racing back to us. Here are the top 10 futuristic video game technologies we wish existed.

10. Ghost - Destiny

Robot companions aren't new in games, from Wheatley's unsubtle sarcasm to Claptrap's enthusiastic commentary. The Ghost in Destiny, a levitating A.I. companion, has less personality, but comes with some interesting tech perks. This flying bot can conjure vehicles out of thin air such as the Sparrow, a hovering vehicle used for rapid transportation. The Ghost navigates you to new missions, summons you into orbit, and acts as a portable, floating flashlight. The main downside to this mechanical assistant is his voice. If Ghosts really existed, hopefully these real life editions would have changeable voice settings, or at least improved voice acting from Peter Dinklage.

9. Norman Jayden's ARI Glasses - Heavy Rain

FBI agent Norman Jayden can transform a dusty old office into a virtual getaway to Mars or a relaxing swim under the sea. With augmented reality, his glasses pinpoint clues at crime scenes that the naked eye would miss. Additionally, it gives him instant access to background information on individuals or items of interest. In an early cutscene, we are given a peek at Norman's small selection of augmented reality video games, including a simple time waster that forms a holographic brick wall and a virtual ball for him to throw. The Nintendo 3DS performs augmented reality mini-games, and there are headsets that can as well, but it would be fascinating to have a piece of technology as advanced as Norman's glasses.

8. Aiden Pearce's Phone and CtOS - Watch Dogs

Imagine intercepting phone calls anonymously, hacking security cameras to remain unseen, and stealing as much cash as your heart desires from ATMs. This is Aiden Pearce's reality in Watch Dogs, and fans daydreaming about these abilities boosted the massive hype surrounding the game's release. It's possible that this incredible smartphone would raise the crime rate exponentially if it were a consumer item, but that's the only down side. Aiden lives in a future Chicago, where every piece of technology is wired into the CtOS (Central Operating System). This means all electronics can be manipulated and controlled by a higher system. In real life, IBM has been building its SmarterCities system. Although it isn't as advanced as what we see in Watch Dogs, it still has strong similarities.

7. The Animus
- Assassin's Creed

Most of us probably don't have as interesting ancestors as Desmond did, but we could nonetheless benefit from a technology that allows us to relive moments of our long dead relatives. If the animus was acquired by museums or education institutes, they could give tours of the Italian Renaissance, or have people fight in epic war battles in real-time. Better yet, the animus could be an integral component for future video game development. This concept was explored in Black Flag's present day with Abstergo. Hopefully, the video game company that would undertake this project isn't secretly affiliated with Templars, hell-bent on world dominance. The bleeding effect would pose as another problem, but that's what beta testing is for, right?

6. OctoCamo - Metal Gear Solid 4
The OctoCamo from Metal Gear Solid 4 is a type of smart camouflage that adapts Solid Snake's suit. It replicates the texture and color of the surface he is in contact with. While this isn't as neat as Deus Ex: Human Revolution's invisibility cloaking system, it's pretty close to it, and more realistic. If this existed as a consumer product in real life, it would be a hit for paintball fights, sneaking out of uncomfortable situations, and maybe even meditating, as you become one with a field of grass.

5. Cybernetic Augmentations - Deus Ex

Deus Ex: Human Revolution had a list of impressive cybernetic augmentations that enhanced Adam Jensen's body in powerful ways. Replacing his organic arms or limbs with mechanical counterparts grants him abilities like jumping higher and punching through walls. A glass-shield cloaking system makes him invisible to enemies, and several stealth improvements allow him to sneak around silently. With cybernetic enhancements, humans could become part machine, allowing our race to achieve previously impossible feats.

4. Mass Relays - Mass Effect

Created by an ancient race, the mass relays are technologically advanced transportation devices. With these installed all over the universe, they connect faraway cosmic civilizations that could never have accessed one another otherwise. Although interstellar contact has resulted in wars, conflicts and mass destruction, it gave humans the chance to connect and learn about the diverse cultures of alien life. Whether we roam this universe alone is a daunting question that haunts us all, and if mass relays existed, we could uncover the mystery of alien lifeforms, for better or worse.

3. Power suit - Metroid

For a series that began in 1986, Metroid awed us with its stellar gameplay that influenced several other titles, like the recent Axiom Verge. Samus' power suit is incredibly futuristic and cutting edge, with its variety of boundary pushing upgrades that can make you feel unstoppable. Some of the suit's functionalities and accessories include the high jump boots, the spin jump to catapult across long distances or for fiercer attacks, and the morph ball, which turns Samus into a ball that can be shot at enemies. Other variants of the suit include the gravity suit that can be used for negating zero gravity, and the varia suit, protecting Samus from lava or ice, and reduces damage taken.

2. Epoch - Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger's time-travelling spaceship Epoch, also known as the Wings of Time, was essential in aiding Crono defeat Lavos. Besides being able to travel to any period of time in history, the Epoch can also navigate to the End of Time. This is where the party gains magical powers from Spekkio and guidance from Gaspar, the Guru of Time. If the Epoch existed in real life, you could become not just a time traveler, but a magic-wielding wizard as well. Just make sure this time-bending spaceship doesn't get into the wrong hands, and meanwhile you could win every lottery, erase past regrets, and mold the future to your liking. If you have a fond memory, you could return to it whenever you wish. 

1. Portal gun - Portal

Can you imagine using a Portal gun in real life, outside of the confines of the Aperture Science Laboratories? The possibilities would be endless, but they could potentially make us much lazier too. Feeling thirsty, but unbothered to leave your comfortable sofa? Shoot your portal gun at the refrigerator, then extend your arm into the portal to retrieve a soda. There are some menacing (but still entertaining) uses as well. You could trap people you dislike in an endless portal loop and watch them continuously fall for the rest of eternity. If you take a more creative approach, you could use the Portal gun as a teleportation device, by setting off portals in two different locations to hop through later. The gun would be great for pool parties too, if used as a waterslide/catapult hybrid that launches you into the water. This dangerous yet equally amusing weapon would be the coolest new gadget around.