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Test Chamber – Splatoon Single Player Campaign

by Kyle Hilliard on Apr 21, 2015 at 04:02 AM

Despite being pitched as a multiplayer-focused game when it was revealed, Splatoon does have a full single-player campaign with a story, and we played through a few of its levels.

The single player mode is separate from the game's multiplayer mode without much overlap in terms of unlockables and in some cases, mechanics, but it does serve to teach you some best practices you can take into the online arena. After playing through a few levels, myself, Ben Reeves, Ben Hanson, and Corey Olcsvary from Nintendo's Treehouse used one of the game's Amiibos (which launch simultaneously with the game) to unlock additional challenges. Using an Amiibo, you can replay levels with new weapons, and finishing all the challenges associated with each of the three Amiibos will unlock special outfits you can show off in multiplayer.

Splatoon launches for Wii U on May 29. To see us play some of the game's online multiplayer modes, head here.

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