Replay – Largo Winch: Commando SAR

by Andrew Reiner on Apr 11, 2015 at 03:00 AM

Largo Winch is a 1970's Belgian comic-book series that follows Largo Winczlav, a young orphan who inherits billions of dollars and the keys to a business empire when his stepfather is murdered. Largo quickly learns that business is ruthless and that there are people in the world who will stop at nothing to get what he has. What they don't know is Largo is resourceful and willing to go to any length to protect his empire.

In the years following the launch of the comic book, Largo Winch has been adopted into a movie, television series, and a handful of games – most of which never made their way stateside. In this week's Replay episode, we take a look at one game that did come to our shores: Largo Winch: Commando SAR for PlayStation. Developed by Rebellion Games and published by Ubisoft, this 2001 gem handles stealth gameplay a little differently than you've likely seen before. Bad game player, Tim Turi, does his best to make Largo look like the "jet-set super hero" that the game's box says he is. As if I need to say it, this is a rough ride, folks.

In our second segment, Jeff Marchiafava shares thoughts on another game no one has ever heard of. Our final segment today is the first round of the Super Replay Showdown! Ben Hanson has put together an interesting selection of games for the tournament this year. Thanks again for watching our silly little show, and come back next week for another episode!

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