Replay – Ninja Blade

by Andrew Reiner on Mar 28, 2015 at 03:00 AM

Bloodborne is this week's big release. Having already taken a look back at the series' roots in the King's Field Replay episode, we decided to take a quick peek at one of From Software's lesser known titles. That game is Ninja Blade, a third-person action game that puts as much focus on its hand-to-hand combat as it does over-the-top quicktime events.

Tim Turi plays through the opening moments of the game, working his way through mutated beasts and across falling skyscrapers to a gigantic foe. We reflect on From Software's history, and talk about what series we'd like to see the developer bring back before getting caught up in a huge debate.

Our interlude segment is a quick look at a Super Nintendo game that has one of the most terrifying lead characters we've seen. The final segment in this week's episode is the 2015's Super Replay Showdown! We meet this week's candidates, many who have plenty of smack to talk. Tune in to next week's Replay for the first round of this weird tournament!

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