The Pulse – Game Informer's Weekly Top 10 (Mar 23, 2015)

by Andrew Reiner on Mar 23, 2015 at 01:06 PM

The Pulse is Game Informer's weekly ranking of the hottest games according to our team. Each Monday we tally up the games with the biggest buzz based on number of editors playing and the time they put into them.

The big shock for this week is the removal of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. Support for this handheld title dried up, and doesn’t sound like it’s coming back any time soon. The only staffer still going strong in it is graphic designer Laleh Azarshin. She says she has logged over 200 hours into the game.

Although multiplayer-focused games like Battlefield Hardline, Helldivers, and Destiny were played extensively, most of our staffers gravitated toward single-player experiences last week. Almost every staffer has gotten his or her hands on Ori and the Blind Forest now, and the episodic games like Life is Strange and Game of Thrones continue to be big draws for the staff.

Other games played this week included The Talos Principle, World of Warcraft, Heroes of the Storm, Mario Party 10, NBA 2K15, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Halo: The Master Chief Collection, The Order: 1886, and the Final Fantasy XV demo.

Week 7 ratings: March 16-22
Last week: --
The wait is finally over. Bloodborne is here and it dominated our gaming time over the weekend. Stories of death and discovery can be heard all throughout the office today. Is it worth your time? Find out tonight at 7 p.m. PT when our review drops. We're also live streaming on Twitch at that time. Join us!
Last week: 1
We expected Ori and the Blind Forest to plummet this week, but numerous editors who normally don't play games of this ilk gave it a shot on PC. Everyone is an agreement that the game is amazing, but several editors found themselves rage quitting not from the difficulty, but their saves corrupting.
Last week: 8
Our editors were all over the place with Battlefield Hardline last week. Some only played single player, and hated it, while others dove deep into the multiplayer and had a blast with it. The only editor who didn't enjoy the multiplayer was Matt Bertz.
Last week: 4
Helldivers has surprising staying power, and is proving to be a great time for groups of people who only have an hour or two for a quick gaming session. Most staffers say they see themselves playing it for at least another week or two.
Last week: --
Cities: Skylines is gaining momentum in the office with rave early impressions coming from all who played it. Most said that it reminded them of the glory days of SimCity, giving them the opportunity to sit back and create uninterrupted for hours on end.
Last week: --
Despite Matt Miller's lackluster review, several editors let curiosity get the best of them and dove headfirst into this RPG. The early impressions from them were not great, and it doesn't sound like any of them will be playing the game in the week ahead.
Last week: --
The second episode of Life is Strange hits tomorrow. Several editors played catch up this weekend and played through the first episode, while Kim Wallace got an early jump on the second episode.
Last week: 3
After climbing the charts again, Destiny plummeted this week when Jason Pfitzer, a graphic designer at Game Informer, said he was weening himself off of Destiny. Several staffers are still in deep, playing every day, but one person falling off will hurt Destiny's chances of climbing again.
Last week: --
In an event that reads like the beginning of an alien abduction story, numerous editors started playing Minecraft again this weekend. None of them had any knowledge that other editors were playing the game. Expect this game to appear periodically for its timeless appeal.
Last week: --
Kyle Hilliard's not-so-secret obsession with Picross gained a supporter in Game Informer's editor-in-chief, Andy McNamara. A fellow Picross nut, Andy said he wanted to help Kyle get a Picross game on the charts this week. Since Picross has five different games that are all similarly designed on 3DS, we didn't pick just one. This entry covers all five.


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