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Replay – Sneak King

by Andrew Reiner on Mar 21, 2015 at 03:00 AM

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A year after the launch of Xbox 360, Microsoft partnered with publisher King Games to create three games that would be sold exclusively in Burger King restaurants for the low low price of $3.99. All three of these titles starred Burger King's mascot "The King," who is perhaps more commonly remembered as "Creep King." While all three titles were a far cry from being great, one of them was so absurd that it developed a cult following. That title is Sneak King, a stealth game that that pushes players to suit up as the king and remain undetected as he sneaks up behind citizens and gives them burgers and breakfast sandwiches.

We play the opening level of this odd game as long as we can tolerate it, and then check out the other two games in the series. We discuss our favorite fast food chains, lumber jacking, and per usual, veer off topic frequently.

Kyle Hilliard checks in for a few minutes to show off a funny cheat code from yesteryear, and we finish this episode with a battle in a classic game that could alter the editor placement in the upcoming Super Replay Showdown.

Watch the episode (either here or on YouTube), and then check back here and leave us comments. Seriously, no one reads comments on YouTube, right?

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