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Mad Max, Just Cause, And Avalanche Studios' Biggest Year Ever

by Ben Hanson on Mar 18, 2015 at 09:00 AM

Rising from the ashes of a failed studio, chief creative officer Christofer Sundberg and chief technical officer Linus Blomberg founded Avalanche Studios. Most widely known for the Just Cause franchise, this studio in Stockholm has grown (and expanded with a New York branch) and is now releasing four games in 2015. While visiting the team in Stockholm for our cover story on Mad Max, I spoke with Sundberg and Blomberg about the origins of the studio, experimenting with mobile games and dinosaur hunting, and the slightly confusing history of Mad Max's development. To learn more about the turbulent history of Avalanche Studios, click here to watch our previous interview with Sundberg during our month of coverage for Just Cause 3.

Watch the interview below to learn more about the studio behind the upcoming Mad Max and Just Cause 3.

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