The Pulse – Game Informer's Weekly Top 10 (Mar 16, 2015)

by Andrew Reiner on Mar 16, 2015 at 01:01 PM

The Pulse is Game Informer's weekly ranking of the hottest games according to our team. Each Monday we tally up the games with the biggest buzz based on number of editors playing and the time they put into them.

A busy week in games was met with most editors devoting their time to new releases. Ori and the Blind Forest drew in the most people, while other games like Cities: Skylines, and DMC: Devil May Cry were played, but not enough to make the list. None of the previously ranked games got a bump in their position.

Other highlights include Helldivers staying strong and garnering more players (stealing away precious hours from Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate). Destiny is quickly becoming the story of Pulse, staying on the charts for six consecutive weeks, even with our team seeing almost everything it has to offer.

Other games played by editors this week include Hotline Miami 2, Grand Theft Auto V, World of Warcraft, Clash of Clans, FIFA 15, Starships, The Room, Heroes of the Storm, and Mario Kart 64 (yes, the old Nintendo 64 game).

Week 6 ratings: March 8-15
Last week: --
Ori and the Blind Forest was the talk of Game Informer's office last week, garnering a high 9.5 review rating, and a legion of editors singing its praises in the following days. Given that most editors have already completed it (or are on the verge), Ori likely won't be tearing up the charts for multiple weeks. Expect this one to fall to an 8-10 spot next week and then off completely after that.
Last week: --
Kim Wallace's positive review of Code Name S.T.E.A.M. compelled a number of staffers to dive into this handheld game, but not all of them agree with her assessment. Some are enjoying Intelligent Systems' new wrinkle on strategy, but others think that the slow enemy turns ruin the entire experience. The mixed take could lead to this game disappearing from the charts next week. Few other editors are interested in trying it out.
Last week: 3
Th allure of securing better loot continues to bring Game Informer editors in daily. More specifically, our Destiny players are trying to get their hands on the Hawkmoon and Hunger of Crota weapons. None of their farming produced the desired results.
Last week: 1
The joy/frustration of shooting a teammate in the back in Helldivers continues to be a draw in the office, and was surprisingly played more than Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate last week. The ability to play the game on TV or Vita is helping keep Helldivers high on the charts.
Last week: 2
Play time in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate took a serious hit this week, as staffers turned to Helldivers, Destiny, and more single-player games. All those who didn't devote big hours into it like they had in the past said they are itching to get back to playing more. Monster Hunter's pulse remains strong.
Last week: 5
Episodic evil continues to garner moderate support, with many editors citing that the game gets better as it goes. Interest for this one is higher than it initially was, but a good majority of staffers are waiting for all four episodes to release before playing it.
Last week: --
The Xbox One alpha of Smite is in the hands of several editors, and news editor Mike Futter is on the campaign trail to get more people playing the game. Most are hesitating since it is just the alpha, and would rather play it on PC or wait for the full release.
Last week: --
A few editors got an early jump on Battlefield Hardline this weekend. You'll be able to read our impressions of the single-player campaign soon. We're holding off on weighing in on the multiplayer until we test it in the wild on public servers after launch.
Last week: --
Even after reading Kyle Hilliard's negative review of Mario Party 10, a few editors decided to play the game this weekend. Their feelings fell in line with Kyle's, and there likely won't be much more support for this game moving forward.
Last week: 6
The groups of editors playing Dying Light together are disbanding and moving on to other projects. Most players are surprised how long this game is, and are regretting how much time they put into side activities and messing around. Some are determined to keep with it, but there isn't much enthusiasm left in our office for the zombie-slaying title.


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