test chamber

Test Chamber – Battlefield Hardline's Single-Player Campaign

by Jeff Cork on Mar 16, 2015 at 06:02 PM

Battlefield Hardline is a departure for the series, shifting the action away from war zones to conflicts that are closer to home. Cops and criminals are the focus here. Is the single-player campaign worth spending time on? Join Reiner, intern Jon Gregory, and me as we check out some of the game's solo action.

We show off a couple of the game's missions, including one set in a gator-filled swamp and another in a hotel. Since you're playing as a police officer, you're encouraged to arrest enemies instead of going in with your guns blazing. How does it affect the flow of the game? Watch and see. Does that guy in the cutscenes look familiar? It's actor Benito Martinez who's played roles in The Shield and Sons of Anarchy.

Battlefield Hardline is out now. Check out our initial impressions, with a full review coming later in the week.

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