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Question Of The Month Reader Responses: Issue #263

by Jeff Marchiafava on Feb 03, 2015 at 06:43 AM

In issue 261, we asked readers what their favorite game to play with friends is. Fighting, music, and shooting were all popular in-game activities. Here are some of the responses we received.

A Smashing Good Time:

  • Super Smash Bros. is and always has been my favorite game to play with friends. Even though fights can break out, the amount of hilarity and fun that can happen when everyone is yelling and screaming outweighs the bad. It always gets me up when I'm sad, and I've had plenty of times when I've almost peed myself laughing.

    Jake Silva
  • Definitely Smash Bros. When the Gamecube version came out, my friends and I maxed out the time counters for our usernames multiple times over (that’s 9,999 minutes, or around 166 hours each). Sitting next to your friends, yelling, screaming, crying, laughing, eating, punching each other – that will never be replaced by online gameplay.

  • Super Smash Bros. of course! Eight-player Smash is the perfect way to get everyone together and duke it out!

    Devon Taylor
  • My favorite game to play with friends is Super Smash Bros. The game is great alone but ten times better with friends. It gets so competitive and so exciting. It's better playing with friends rather than the computer.

  • My answer would be the Super Smash Bros. series. This is because of the large amount of replayability, relatively easy controls, and depth of strategy. It is a very competitive game that tests everyone's skills.

    Peter Fiaschetti

Other Fav Fighters:

  • My favorite game to play with friends is Injustice: Gods Among Us. We have these tournaments where if there are four of us, we have the two losers play against each other and the two winners play against each other. The two winners of those matches face off in a championship! I win the most, because I have the game.  

    Thomas Michael
  • My favorite game to play with friends will always be Soul Caliber. Since the Dreamcast installment and beyond, we have always battled for endless hours to see who is the best and when a new one came out, someone would always buy it right away to get an edge on the others. I can't wait for six!

    Joel W.

Rockin' Out:

  • I'd have to say Rock Band. My friends and I can play for hours as our virtual band (shout out to The Flying Dutchmen!) with the hundreds of songs I've downloaded over the course of Rock Band 1, 2, and 3. The feeling of spending a whole night on the endless playlist is one of fulfilment and accomplishment – assuming you have the willpower and patience to play through it!

    John Scarpulla
  • Guitar Hero is my favorite because my friends and family all play on medium or easy; so when it's my turn to step up and wield the axe, I turn it up to expert, and when I hit those guitar riffs and get over 90-percent completion of the song, the cheers and applause make me feel like a rock star. If you mean games I actually have to play WITH them, then it's Street Fighter.

    David Gerard

Gearing Up For A Good Time:

  • The Gears of War series is definitely the king of my online friend-oriented play. Unlike many of the multiplayer shooters out there, each win and loss feels equally earned, and tight teamwork between a group of friends makes exterminating the enemy team much easier. I think Gears of War 3's balance between long-range gunplay and frantic up-close gameplay in particular makes it one of my favorite multiplayer games of all time. My friends and I would hop on Gears of War 2 every few days after school for years. When we saw each other the next day, we'd be talking about the matches we had; mostly about who should have host advantage next time. I still miss those days sometimes.

    Hunter Clement
  • My favorite game to play with friends has to be Gears of War 2. There's nothing better than being with your close friends, engaging in chainsaw battles, seeing an opponent run down a corridor and sticking him with a torque bow, and of course popping heads off with a sniper shot! Truly a game that portrays the classic saying, "the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat."

    Dave Lorenz 

Shot Through The Heart:

  • My favorite game to play with friends is Star Wars Battlefront on the PS2. I’ve been playing local multiplayer matches in this game for six years and it’s still a joy to play today. I love playing as all the different classes; I have really high hopes for the DICE reboot and can't wait for its release.

    Joe Hoffman
  • My favorite game for me and my friends to play is SWAT Mode on Halo: Reach.

    Karsten McCall

Falling For Towerfall:

  • Recently, I would say that Towerfall Ascension has been my favorite to play with friends. Whether it’s Quest or Versus mode, it is always better to rage and throw controllers with friends than to do so alone. It really is a great game that makes time fly. Of course, we always get our studying done beforehand…

    Sammy Caloras
  • My favorite is Towerfall Ascension with four people because it gets crazy and the replays offer great insight into a very tactical game that sometimes becomes pretty hectic.

    Michael Fendler

Mad About Madden:

  • Any NFL Madden installment. Yes, it's pretty much an upgrade every year, but so is life. It's really about the excitement and anticipation of a new Madden season. Why you ask? Because you can play this game with children, friends, strangers, and first-time gamers. The game mechanics have gotten a lot simpler over the years and it almost looks like a live broadcast NFL game. Also it's fun and that is the objective: to share entertainment.

    Michael McGee

What's your favorite game to play with friends? Share your pick in the comments below!