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Add Team Game Informer Characters, Flags, And Music To Your #IDARB Game

by Kyle Hilliard on Feb 01, 2015 at 09:45 AM

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Before you get your hopes too high, this is not a complete list of Game Informer editors, but you will find enough to add some GI flavor to your #IDARB games.

To redeem these items for your game, you should see a "scan" option in the creation screens. Once you open that up, all you have to do is scan the QR codes below using your Kinect. You should be able to hold your phone up to the camera, but you will likely need to turn down the brightness on your phone so the Kinect can pick it up.

First up is myself, which you can find below. It may look like another template character that I simply added some glasses to, and you would be right – that's exactly what I did. I assure you it's me, though.

Jeff Cork got a little more creative and actually made an avatar of himself from scratch. It looks exactly like him, complete with a beard and everything.

Jeff Cork also made this guy. He isn't anyone in particular, but I promised I would include him in this feature. I think Cork is proud of him. It might be Ben Hanson.

Next up is the Team Game Informer flag. You're welcome in advance, because I realize this would basically be impossible to make on your own.

Finally, I have a song that I made. It is a general approximation of the season two Replay theme. And by general, I mean very, very general. Some would argue it's a radical remix, and I wouldn't disagree with them.

There you go! Now you can add myself, Jeff Cork, a Lego minifig (I think), a Game Informer flag, and an amazing Game Informer theme song to your team.

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If you're up to the task of making more Game Informer editors or characters from Super Replay, etc., with #IDARB's creation tools, send them to me! You can either e-mail them to me, or tweet them to me at @kylemhilliard and I will add them to this feature, just like the ones you see below from Nathan “@havesomebacon“ Dozler, who created Andrew Reiner and Tim Turi.

For more characters like ones from Overblood and Overblood 2 head to page two!

If you watched the entire Overblood Super Replay, then you will be all too familiar with Pipo seen above and Raz Karcy, Acarno Brani, and Milly Azray Alpha seen below as created by Joseph Samaltanos Wargo.

Nathan “@havesomebacon“ Dozler also created this generic mystery guy.