Here Is A Huge List Of #IDARB’s Game Affecting Hashtag Bombs

by Kyle Hilliard on Jan 31, 2015 at 12:05 PM

One of It Draws a Red Box’s (#IDARB) most innovative features is the ability to interact with games you are spectating. By tweeting the keycode that appears in the bottom left corner of a game you are watching along with any of the hashtags seen below to @idarbwire, you can make things happen in the game.

Mechanically speaking, these hashtag bombs function similarly to items in Super Smash Bros. as they shift the fight somewhat creating chaos not necessarily benefiting or hindering players. Also, some of the bombs are just weird. You won’t find a full list of hashtag bombs in the game’s instructions or menus (outside of the few referenced in the explanation of what hashtag bombs are), but you can find a huge list below.

Even if you’re not playing #IDARB yourself, you can use these to affect the games of others – which you should.

#achievement - Calls the Achievement Bot
#anytime - Get to the choppa!
#barrel - The play field performs a barrel roll
#block - Blocks the openings to each goal
#boat - The play field rocks like a boat
#bomb - turns the ball into a bomb. The scoring is increased when the bomb is active.
#boo - Spooks the players
#cake - Adds portals to the play field
#chum - Sharks hunt the players
#clown - Everyone's a clown
#decoy - Adds multiple decoy balls to the play field
#dopples - Creates copies of each character on the field
#error - Error message displays
#fireworks - Light up the sky with this beautiful display
#fizz - Everyone gets fizzed
#flood - Water fills the play field
#freedom - Opens the penalty box
#freeze - Freezeball activates locking the player in place
#fullmoon - There is a full moon
#fungus - Camouflage covers the field
#genesis - Idarb in Sega format
#langzone - A tribute to world famous flash developer, Dave Lang
#lasers - Lasers appear which can put you in the penalty box if touched
#light - Turns out the lights
#llama - An ode to Jeff Minter
#love - Everyone gets hearts. It's all you need.
#minecraft - Play field is now 100% more mine craft
#moonwalk - Everyone moonwalks
#octoberfest - Beer everywhere!
#phil - A visit from an African Grey parrot.
#rainbows - Players get a trail of color behind them
#redbox - Everyone draws a red box
#reverse - Players get dizzy and the controls are reversed
#ricky - Never gonna give you up
#smash - Platforms get smashed to bits
#snow - Winter wonderland
#spikes - Spike the field
#tiny - The board zooms in and out
#toasty - Toasty!

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